tagMind ControlThe Photoshoot Pt. 01

The Photoshoot Pt. 01


The camera shutter snapped again and again. The girl, woman really, posed as directed by the photographer. 27 years old and dream body for modelling. Shapely, tall, full round breasts that were just the right c cup size for the desires of this seasons magazine readers and web browsing communities. She would go far, probably. She was fun, bubbly and had a good personality that shone through in her photographs. This session with the photographer was just a few stock poses to update her growing portfolio and was over pretty fast.

The photographer thanked her and she made her way out, he watched her almost flawless ass sway as she sauntered away.

"Another time." he muttered to himself as he regretted having taking another booking after her, well, he would have her in front of his camera again, and next time there would be more time.

His assistant brought in his next appointment, a new client. A 22 years old dance teacher who wanted some shots for her new dance school's website, something to help attract new clients. This was standard fare for the photographer, he'd set up some lights, take some shots of her dancing and edit the shots later to make them pop. He could do it all on autopilot, though he might get creative, it was late and she was his last client so he had all the time in the world.

When the young dancer walked in he was immediately attracted to her, she was stunning, quite short, about 5 foot 3, very slim but athletic looking body, her breasts while not overly large were perfectly proportioned to her body. Her face had a beauty to it that stood out from all the models he'd shot over the years, it was an innocent air to her that made her instantly desirable and that immediately attracted the photographer to her.

He was about to introduce himself when an older woman stepped in through the door and intersected herself between the dancer and himself.

"I am MS McGuire I am Jean's mother and manger." she said rather sharply.

The photographer introduced himself and the mother then spent the next 10-15 minutes outlining what she wanted from the shoot, and how she expected the photographer to behave and how not to behave, what poses she wanted, all of which were very poorly chosen and very cliche. By the time she had finished talking, the photographer had a headache and was regretting taking the job, but at least if the mom would get out the way he could work on the dancer.

He was to have no such luck. Almost every pose he tried the mother interrupted or redirected, his photo-shoot was being taken over by an over bearing mother hen and it was causing serious problems. He'd gotten 3 shots worth using in over an hour. Enough was enough.

He took his assistant aside and told her to head off home, she was getting the brunt of MS McGuire's abrupt and sharp comments. He returned to the clients and the mother seemed to be about to comment on the lack of assistant but the photographer intercepted the comments by informing her that the girl had to leave for family matters and it was fine as he could handle this without an assistant.

He went to the small fridge in the studio and got a the bottle of wine he had chilling and offered the mother a glass, which she gladly accepted. As she drank and they discussed how to proceed, he began to try and mellow the mother out and hoped this would help him get the job over with. As they chatted he studied her more. She was an overbearing woman, very tall, about 6 foot 2, very broad shoulders but had a fantastic body for a woman who was, he found out as they chatted, 45 and had 3 kids, Jean being the oldest. She was extremely well toned and muscular but still very feminine. She had large 36DD breasts, which although it may have be a bra at work, looked firm and incredible, her face was rather haughty looking which was partly due to her attitude and was framed with long thick red hair. Obviously this is where the daughter had gotten the bulk of her looks and athletic genes.

A plan began to formulate in his head, he'd been intending to have the young innocent dancer by the end of this photo shoot. It was now his plan to have the mother as well. of course they didn't know this yet, but then he had an ace up his sleeve. Almost a guarantee in fact. Everything had to to be right for his plan to work, but he was well practised at having his way with people in front of his camera, or, rather, one of his cameras in particular.

He spoke further to the mother, feeding her a couple more large glasses of wine and suggested an old style look, that would be ideal for the style of dance shots her daughter had been going for.

And, the best effect would be if it were to be shot using a genuine antique camera. And so, with a little charm and the wine making her more amicable, she agreed. Her daughter had changed into a ballet leotard and matching slippers, and seemed eager to get on with the session. As the mother joined her daughter the photographer dropped a little blue pill into his mouth, he might need the assistance he thought if all went well.

The photographer smiled as he brought out an antique camera on a tripod, very old, from about 1800s it had once belonged to James Esdaile, a famous surgeon who was also a famed hypnotist, he studied and mastered eastern mind control techniques while in India, where he performed hundreds of medical procedures with nothing but hypnosis as pain control. At the time of his death it was still popular to take photographs of the deceased and this was the camera used. Something of him must have been trapped, or perhaps his will was so strong he simply shifted it when he died, as ever since, if used by someone skilled enough and with strong enough will, whoever was photographed using that camera would find their will evaporate and be highly susceptible to the photographers suggestions. The camera was so powerful that with only 5 clear photos of the subject they would be completely enthralled to the user of the cameras will, and would obey without question anything they were instructed to do.

He took a few shots using his modern DSLR to get lighting settings then moved to the Esdaile camera, suggesting the mother poses for the first shot with the daughter, as both a keepsake, as they look so wonderful together and to make sure the old camera was set correctly. He grinned wide as buxom almost Amazonian mother stood beside her elfin like daughter and struck a classic model pose, hand on hip, front most leg knee bent slightly, body turned at the hips towards the camera and chest held out and head back and a practised smile on her haughty face. The daughter was a little less sure of herself when not in a dance pose but her natural grace and beauty shone. The photographer slid a plate into the camera and asked them to hold as he removed the lens cap for the correct time and replaced it to complete the photo. He noticed a look of puzzlement cross both ladies faces for a split second then the relaxed and chatted while he set up another shot.

He tried a slight suggestion and told the mother to take the wine glass she had been drinking from and clean it for him while he posed her daughter for the next shot. Jean's Mother, Danielle, thought about saying no and giving the stupid photographer a piece of her mind for thinking she was his maid... but decided to just clean the glass instead. She trotted off to the small kitchen at the end of the studio to clean the glass as quick as she could for him. The suggestion had worked well on the mother, so now to test the daughter, as her mother walked away he came over to her and mentioned that the photos where good but he was getting some strange outlines on her outfit from the underwear she had on and it'd be a lot better if she was to remove it for the rest of the shoot. Young Jean looked puzzled but jumped over to the changing room and then came back, her breasts bounced more freely as she jogged back, now free of their sport bra, and her nipples were clearly visible against the sheer fabric of her dance outfit.

With her back on the set her mother came back over and seemed proud to show the gleaming clean glass to the photographer, he then suggested she hold the reflector for the next shot which she quickly did, he told the daughter to pose in a dance position and adjusted the antique camera to 'accidentally' get both in shot. Again both women seemed slightly dazed for a second after the photo.

The photographer knew that a few more shots and they were his. He quickly had the daughter assume another pose, this time telling the mother to hold the daughters hair up out the way of the shot and ensuring he could get her in frame for the photograph. Again he took a shot using the nefarious camera and they became even more dazed after the shot.. the confusion lasting longer this time. He tested how much control he had, he suggested that the mother must be making her daughter feel awkward standing there in little more than a leotard while she's all over dressed, so she should strip to underwear. Danielle quickly began to remove her clothing without any protest, as an additional instruction he ordered the daughter to help. As the two undressed the lovely athletic body of Ms McGuire senior, the photographer snapped a series of shots with his DSLR and remotely activated the studios video cameras to capture this mother and daughter striptease.

The mother stood there in matching black bra and thong, with rather sheer hold up stockings on and high heels. She beamed a smile at the photographer as she noticed him staring at her rock hard well toned body.

He told them to both assume a joint dance pose, they quickly jumped to positions standing on toes and holding a pose that was very nice to look upon. But the photographer had better in mind to test his control.

"That's good, but try this. Jean stand facing away from me, legs wide apart and bend over at the waist with your palms down and touching the ground and look back towards me." he suggested.

The nimble little dancer quickly bent at the waist her ass pointed pertly in the air and directly at the camera and smiling a lively smile at him.

He then added "Now, Danielle kneel at the other side of her and pull the leotard gusset aside so I can see your daughters pussy please."

The young dancers mother seemed to resist then sank down to her knees and using one hand to hold her daughters tight ass cheek and the other to pull the sheer material side revealing her daughters precious pussy to the lens of the cameras in the studio.

The photographers cock was rock hard as he stared at the scene in front of him. The haughty, bossy mother on her knees in her underwear revealing her precious daughters pussy for him. Both grinning as if nothing unnatural was going on.

He snapped another mind controlling photo on the antique camera and both women visibly sagged. they were now his, but he's make sure with a few more shots.

"Jean, turn around, and do the splits for me, then pull the top of your leotard down and show the camera those little tits of yours," He commanded then almost as an after thought added, "and mommy, crawl on over here and suck on my cock."

Jean spun round fast and dropped to a splits. She then hooked her hands into the straps of her top and pulled them down proudly displaying her pert small but perfectly formed b cup breasts. Meanwhile her mother crawled seductively on all fours till she was in front of him then rose to her knees and tugged at his belt and unbuttoned his fly to allow his cock to pop free. She then began to lap and suck on his cock with vigour. Those lips have had plenty of practice thought the photographer as she engulfed his 9 inch cock with her mouth, getting nearly all it down before gagging and then trying again. He snapped a 5th shot of the young dancer sealing her will to his and she slumped, gasping slightly.

The photographer barked a stern command "OK ladies. Mom get over there and strip form me, oh and play with those big tits of yours for the camera and Jean, get that innocent ass over here, time to see if you can suck like your mom."

As Danielle stripped seductively and played with her breasts, the photographer snapped his final shot of her sealing her as well to his will. Meanwhile little Jean was sitting on her knees, his cock in hand tentatively lapping at it with her tongue.

"What's the matter with you," Scolded the photographer "have you never sucked a cock before? Get it into your mouth."

At that She gulped it into her mouth and mumbled "mo.. ohv mever mucked mon."

The photographer laughed at her attempts to suck his cock and talk at the same time, so told her to take it out and tell him again

"No" she replied "I've never sucked one before, I've never even been with a man, all mom let me do is dance, no boys."

He laughed before replying "Well that's no good because moms had her fair share of cock. But don't you worry, before the nights out so will you."

He nearly came at the thought of a 22 year old virgin completely in his power, but thought to himself time to get the mother into this. She was gyrating around naked playing with her huge breasts.

"Get over here mommy and teach your little girl here how to properly suck a dick." he ordered.

She quickly ran to obey, and then proceeded to instruct the eager young dancer the fine art of cock sucking. With the mother giving her expert guidance and the photographer planting hypnotic suggestions, the daughter was transformed quickly into an avid cocksucker.

After a few minutes the photographer was in heaven. He was standing snapping away with his digital camera as the red headed mother held her daughters head and pushed it back and forth along his cock, and as his cock pushed in and out her daughters mouth she'd stroke and fondle his balls expertly. And every time it reached her daughters limits or she would gag, she'd pop the cock out her daughters mouth and the mother would guide the daughter and make her lick and suck on his balls as the mother worked her mouth around the shaft. He felt his load building and told the mother to take the lot in her mouth. He emptied it into her eager mouth draining the last drop onto her waiting tongue.

He ordered her to drip it from her mouth to the daughters mouth and his camera shutter snapped as his cum dripped off the mother's tongue into her waiting daughters mouth. He then made Jean swallow this and as she did, he implanted the command that to her it tasted fantastic and she'd crave that flavour and lick it up anytime she saw his cum. She saw a tiny drip that hadn't fell off his cock and her mouth eagerly sucked on his cock draining every drop of cum from his still hard cock. At this sight the photographer planted another suggestion into the mother, that the feeling of her seeing her daughter suck cock would make her pussy wet and build sexual pleasure in her, and she'd masturbate at the sight.

So the photographer smiled as the virginal young dancer he'd turned into a cock sucking, cum drinker, serviced his cock, eager to get a taste of his seed as her mother lay her long muscular legs akimbo and three fingers plunging into her pussy her once haughty face filled with lust, panting and groaning at the sight of his cock in her darling sweet girls mouth. Thanks to his little blue pill and the eager cock sucking of the 22 year old dancer at his feet, his cock was rock hard and ready for more. He could make his mind up what to do next. Deflower the virgin dancer or gets some of the mother's hard athletic body under him.

The sight of the mother fingering herself and the glistening wetness of her pussy won out.

He stripped himself and lay on the floor and ordered her to mount him and fuck him, he implanted that it was her desperate desire to make him happy and she would make every effort to perform for him sexually. She straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, letting the head of his cock slip into her wet pussy, she then slowly let herself slide down onto the full 9 inch length of it. He gasped in pleasure when, as she slid down his cock, every inch she let in to her pussy, she would tighten and relax her pussy around his cock. Once she had his cock buried to the hilt inside her, she moaned loudly and bit her lower lip, then began to grind her body down onto him, her pussy muscles squeezing his cock rhythmically as she moved her body with his.

Then as she bounced on the photographers cock, she moaned louder and louder until she began to swear and curse, begging him to 'fuck her hard', and to 'fill her pussy'. Gone was the haughty, prim and proper powerful woman that had entered his studio, she was now a snarling panting bitch in heat, desperate to make him happy. She pressed his face to her breasts and he took her large nipples into his mouth. She moaned loudly as he circled her nipple with his tongue, then to make things more interesting he planted the suggestion that anytime someone licked or nibbled on her nipples or breasts she'd orgasm, each one becoming stronger than the last. He began to nibble on each of her breasts and nipples in turn, at this she went wild, pushing him flat back onto the floor and bucking and riding him like a wild woman.

He looked round at the young dancer watching her mother fucking him and reaching orgasm after orgasm as she pump herself up and down on his 9 inch cock. He turned to her and planted the suggestion that seeing her mother act like a slut was degrading to her, and made her feel ashamed, but also turned her on. As he watched her chest began to rise and fall rapidly as her breathing got heavier, and her hand moved between her legs and she began to press her thighs together around it. He continued to allow her mother to fuck him but turned to Jean and said "Get on your hands and knees Jean, your next, your pussy is gonna get stretched tonight."

The dancer turned and got on her hands and knees as ordered. The photographer stood up, casually pushing the dancer's mother off his cock and ordered her to stop orgasming. He added that it was her responsibility as a mother to to guide his cock into her daughters virginal pussy. Then photographer stepped up behind the young virgin dancer and placed his dick, still glistening from her mother's juices, against the fabric of her leotard. He ordered the hot Amazonian mother to pull the fabric aside and for a second time, she did as instructed and exposed her daughters wet pussy to the photographer. Only this time his rock hard cock was throbbing beside it. She then gripped his cock and pushed it against the tight slit of her daughters pussy.

He pushed forward and Jean gasped loudly as the head of his 9 inch cock broke through her hymen. A trickle of blood ran down her leg as he pushed hard and the dancer grunted when more of his large dick penetrated her pussy. The cameras of the studio captured the tear of pain running down her face as he began to brutally fuck her virginal pussy. He wasn't going to be gentle with her, he turned to the mother and released her will, but not control of her body, she would be aware of what he was doing to her daughter and how she was helping but be powerless to stop it, her body would perform as he instructed even though her mind reeled against it. Jean squirmed and grunted as he ploughed his cock deep into her tight pussy. He looked right into the mother's horrified face and saw the tears welling in her eyes. He pulled his hand back and brought it down hard against the dancers tight, taught ass cheek and she screamed out in pain.

He muttered a suggestion into her ear, programming her to enjoy physical pain and degradation, bending her will to be subservient and feel the need to please a dominant partner. He instructed her to gain extreme pleasure every time she was spanked or was spoken to in a degrading manner. He left the instruction that she'd only get pleasure or reach orgasm when she was on all fours, being fucked from behind by a man using her. She began to shudder and gasp as the young once virginal dancer began to have her first orgasm with a mans cock inside her. She panted and shuddered and the photographer ordered her mother to punish her naughty slutty daughter, a look of horror crossed her face as she slapped her daughters ass again and again, each stroke pushing her daughter further into orgasmic pleasure and as Jean began to orgasm uncontrollably the photographer reached over and pulled the horrified mother's head down to lay against her daughters shuddering ass, "tongue my cock bitch." he commanded and she began to lap his cocks wet shaft, sending a shiver of perverse joy though the photographer.

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