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The Tee Shirt


Angela and I (James) are both in our late forties, we've been happily married for twenty four years, have two kids, both living away at uni.

Angela is a diminutive 5' 1" weighing around 50 kg, lovely figure, tits are a C to D cup, slim waist, boyish butt. I'm 5' 11" average build about 72 kg.

Our next door but one neighbour, Tim, had, over the last eighteen months or so become a close friend, mainly due to Angela's help. He had come home unexpectedly from a business trip to find his wife in bed with her boss. Tim had been devastated, especially when he found out they had been having an affair for over six months. Diana, his now ex had been ruthless through the divorce.

Angela made sure that we had Tim round often to stop him moping, he also ate with us frequently, she said to stop him starving. He often remarked that we, particularly Angela, had helped keep him sane.

A couple of months ago Angela asked if he was dating, he replied in the negative, so she set him up with one of her friends, Monica. Who later told Angela that the date had gone really well, she liked Tim immensely and on the second date suggested the evening end at her place. All went smoothly, until Tim went to fuck her, his erection collapsing. Although Monica had climaxed from Tim's use of mouth and fingers, when he went to penetrate Monica his cock just went soft. Not surprisingly he was hugely embarrassed, and just apologised, dressed and left, refusing to let her try and help.

Since then he had been very down and we had both worked hard to get him out of his funk without letting him know that we knew what had happened, not easy!

Anyway, a few weeks ago Angela and I decided that on Saturday the two of us would relax, go for a nice long walk, picnic and recharge. We set off mid morning arriving at the woodland parking area after a twenty minute drive. Gathering our picnic basket we set off through the woods, we often walk here and had learned that the best walks were off the set trails, so we soon left the foot path and wandered through the beautiful mature woodland.

After about an hour we stopped in a glade to have our picnic, laid out the rug, sat and ate. Afterwards we relaxed and were soon necking, with Angela lying back on her elbows I slowly undid the buttons on her dress, pushed it off her shoulders, admired her lovely tits, areola and hard nipples showing through the pale blue lace, looking into her eyes, could see her questioning my intentions.

"It's very secluded, darling, a nice gentle fuck will do us the world of good." I said, leaning in and kissing her neck under her ear, knowing that was one of her buttons. She groaned, turned her head allowing me better access. While kissing her I slid my hand over her tits to the clasp and undid the bra.

She sat up holding her bra to her tits and said. "Are you sure about this Honey? It's very exposed here."

Taking her hands away from her tits I replied, "I'm sure Sweetheart, we'll hear anyone approaching." With that I removed her bra, and after suckling on her tits for a while, patted her thigh, she lifted her bum and I slid the dress and her panties off. She lay back, closed her eyes and tweaked her nipples. I ran my hands up her legs, into her pubes, stroked my fingers down her slit as she spread her legs, then leant down sucked and tongued her pussy, then up to her clit. She loved it when I nibbled it while gently stroking her cunt, soon she was wet enough for me to fuck her slowly with two fingers.

It was not long before she started writhing around as her climax built, looking up she was twisting her nipples hard. Suddenly she let go, held my head to her clit and thrust frantically on my fingers.

"Aah fuck Honey, fuck me, I want you in me now!" She exclaimed.

I tore my clothes off and without any preamble penetrated my lovely Angela, nothing gentle, we fucked hard, her legs on my back, kissing deeply, I started on the short stokes.

"Not in my cunt, cum in my mouth." She gasped pulling her lips from mine.

I quickly pulled out, she sat up, took my prick in her mouth. Gasping, I came, spurt after spurt, she kept swallowing, finally sucking my cock clean, she grinned up at me as she swallowed the last of my cum.

"You didn't think that I'd walk back with cum dribbling down my legs did you?" She asked.

"Umm, sorry love, didn't think!" I replied. grinning.

We hugged and kissed for a while fondling each other, really relaxing. enjoying the after glow and being naked in the countryside.

"We had better make a start, darling, going back to the car via the river is a fairly long walk and we want to get back before dark." Said Angela.

"Right," I replied, getting to my feet, "here, put your dress on." I said handing it to her.

"Undies first please." She responded.

"Oh no, just the dress." I said grinning as I put her bra and panties in the basket with the other stuff.

"In that case," she said snatching my underpants from me, "none for you either!"

Laughing, we set off down hill towards the river, about half way down the clouds started looking ominous, so we pressed on. As we got to the track by the river it started to rain, lightly, but it looked like heavy rain heading our way. I took the rug out of the basket, draping it round Angela.

Pretty soon it was hammering down and a wind had worked up, so heads down we hurried on, suddenly a large 4x4 came haring down the track, we jumped to the side, Angela lost her footing and fell into the river, I jumped in and pulled her up, it was barely waist deep, but she had gone in back first and was completely submerged she came up spluttering and coughing.

We scrambled up the bank to the track, the 4x4 had disappeared, we had lost the rug and basket. Angela leaned on me favouring her left ankle.

"Blast, I think I've sprained it," she said looking up at me. "and I'm cold."

Her dress was plastered to her, nipples poking at the dress and she was beginning to shiver.

"It's at least forty minutes to the car, I don't think I should leave you and get it, damn that idiot for not stopping." I said. "I know, if my phone is working and there's a signal, Tim could be here in half that time."

Getting my phone out, yes, working, yes signal! God I hope Tim answers.

After a few rings he answered, I quickly explained our situation, he new the track and said he would be with us as soon as possible. Angela by now was shivering badly, all I could do was hold her and shield her from the wind and rain as best as I could.

It only took Tim about twenty minutes to get to us but it seemed like hours, Angela's shivering was uncontrollable and her lips were turning blue.

Tim jumped out of his car, came round with an umbrella, held it over us. "There's a towelling robe in the car." He said. I undid a few buttons pulled Angela's dress off, quickly put the robe on her, then bundled her into the car.

"Thanks Tim, please get her home and warm quickly." I said.

"What about you? Let me give you a lift back to your car." He replied.

"No, just to the turn off, I'll be fine, Angela needs warmth." I said.

He dropped me off and sped away, heating going full blast. I started up the hill. At least the rain was easing.


When I got to James and Angela, it was absolutely chucking it down and there was a fair wind too. James had not exaggerated, Angela was in a bad way, grabbing the umbrella I ran round to them, held the umbrella over her, James undid some buttons took the hem of her dress and yanked it up and off. Gobsmacked, I looked at a naked, shivering Angela, god she's stunning I thought, handing James the robe. He wrapped her in it and we bundled her into the car. I took James to the turn off as asked then drove as fast as I could home.

I carried Angela in, tried to get her to have some soup that I had put to heat but she was shivering too much. She needed to have a hot shower. I phoned James, "James, Angela needs a hot shower, how long are you going to be?" I asked.

"I'm not at the car yet, please shower her." He replied.

"Uh, James..."

"Just do it Tim, please." He cut off the call.

So I carried her up to my shower room, got the water really hot, stripped to my boxers, turned to her, removed the robe and led her hobbling under the hot spray. My stupid dick was immediately hard, ignoring it I took the shower gel, poured some into my hand and started to rub her, trying to get the heat into her, I rubbed her shoulders, around to her back, down to her waist, then bum, her front, those lovely tits, those lovely, lovely tits, her tummy, lower, over and over. She supported herself with a hand on my shoulder.


I was vaguely aware of being carried in to the house, then up, but I was sooo cold, so so cold, next thing I new was hot water, glorious hot water cascading over me, hands rubbing all over, "Ah, James, nice, but I'm cold, so cold." Opening my eyes I saw Tim, was washing me. How? A second ago it was James, no it is James, I'm so very, very cold my mind is playing tricks

Angela spoke, oh dear she thought I was James! "Angela, James is coming, he's getting the car, he asked me to get you warm, just hang in girl we'll have you warm soon" Tim said.

Oh dear! It IS Tim, he's washing me, I'm naked, am I dreaming? Oh, wow his cock is hard! His boxers are stretched, no, I must be dreaming, beginning to feel warmer, lovely hands rubbing all over me, warming me, why is James getting the car? Ah, yes I fell in the river, but what happened then, why is Tim washing me, why am I so cold?How did I get here? Mm, beginning to feel warmer, not shivering so much.

Tim dropped the gel, bent to pick it up, when he stood up, I glanced down, oh my! His cock has come out. So hard. I looked up, Tim was looking at me.

"Sorry Angela, I can't help it." He said.

I think I managed a weak smile, "Take them off you look ridiculous!" I said.

He dropped them, my his cock is huge! Ah, beginning to feel better, hot water is lovely, why am I naked with Tim? James where are you? why do I feel so... strange, disorientated? Why is Tim washing me? Why is his huge cock hard? Is it Tim?

Seeing the colour come back to her I decided to shut off the shower, looked at Angela's face, oh dear, she looked unfocused, confused.

"Angela, speak to me, can you hear me" I asked.

With that she seemed to focus. "Of course I can hear you James why wouldn't I?" She replied. "Oh, sorry you're Tim not James, why are we naked? where is James? I don't understand... Are you and James setting me up?"

"Don't you remember? You fell in the river, I came to fetch you because you were very cold." I said.

She shivered slightly and said, "Ah, yes I remember, but where is James?"

"Coming back with your car. now turn around let me get you dry before you get cold again." I said. she turned, I took a towel off the rail, dried her arms, back, that luscious bum, her legs. "Right turn around." She did, put a hand on my shoulder for balance, I started to dry her front, her tits, those beautiful tits, I heard a groan, glanced up.

"Tim, please." She said and bit her lip.

"I'll be quick." I said, drying below her breasts down to her tummy, lower, suddenly she exclaimed, thrust her pussy on my hand and collapsed against me.

As he dried my tits I felt a tingle in my pussy, tried to stop him, he got to my pussy, "Ah nooo, argh." I felt myself thrusting onto his hand as I came, my knees went weak and I collapsed onto him, his hard cock pressed above my thigh I felt it spasm and he came, shooting cum up my side.

When Angela collapsed against me, my cock pressed onto her and erupted. "Ah, Angela, oh no, sorry babe, so sorry." Was all I could say as, dropping the towel, I held her.

We stayed like that, me holding her, her hands and face on my chest, tits pressed into me, my hard cock still twitching. She leant back, looked at me, gave a weak smile.

"Wow, that was unexpected, maybe I should finish drying myself, you need to dry as well." She said pushing herself away from me, she looked down at her side, looked up, gave wicked grin, scooped up some cum, put it in her mouth, swallowed and said. "Mmm nice, thank you." Picked up the towel wiped the rest of my cum off, dropped the towel, "Tim, please, a clean towel?"

Snapping out of a daze at what had just happened I said. "Uh, sorry in here." Reaching into the cupboard and handed her a clean towel plus one for myself. We stood and dried ourselves all the while looking at each others bodies, catching her eyes she blushed. (definitely feeling better!)

"I am suddenly feeling very tired" She said.

"Then get into bed, keep warm." I replied. I also gave her a tee shirt to wear, dressed myself and said, "I'll just phone James and let him know you're ok. I think a brandy will do you good, that alright?"

"Yes please, a stiff one," she giggled, "oops, sorry!" As she slipped the Tee shirt on, it fell to mid thigh hiding that fabulous body.

I smiled as I left the room, at least she has recovered I thought as I phoned James. "James, Angela is much better, where are you?" I asked.

"Just got to the car, you sure she's ok, I've been worried sick." James replied.

"Yes, she said that she is very tired, so she's gone to bed, I'm going to take her a brandy, umm, you only at the car? Could have sworn it's been over an hour." I said.

"Feels like that to me too, look Tim, I know it's a big ask, but as Angela is in bed do you mind if I go home and shower before collecting her?" Asked James.

"That's fine, see you in a while, oh and by the way, I think that you should call the cops, that driver should have stopped, it could have been very serious." I said.

"Yes, I'll do that now, see you in a while, and Tim, thanks." Said James.

"My pleasure, see you, bye." Oh no! Did I just say 'my pleasure' to James!! I took a brandy up to Angela but she was already asleep, leaving the drink next to her I went down to wait for James.

He arrived after about forty minutes having showered.

I took him straight up, he went and kissed her.

"Oh darling how are you?" James asked.

"Mm, hi honey, very tired." She replied.

"Why don't you stay here James, I can use the spare room." Suggested Tim.

"I would rather go home please." Said Angela.

" In that case I will carry her, James, you do doors." Said Tim.

"You sure Tim? I feel we've imposed too much already." Said James.

"Absolutely sure, Angela's ankle needs resting." Replied Tim. He pulled the covers back, "Come on Angela, lets get you home." He said picking her up. She put her arms around his neck, dropped her head on his shoulder.

"Oh Tim, thank you." She said.

We went straight up to our room, I drew the bedding back, Tim put her down, she kissed him and thanked him, I pulled the bedding back and Tim and I went down. "A brandy Tim?" I asked.

"Please," he replied, "also, Angela was asleep when I took her one earlier."

By the time I took a drink up she was already asleep, so I went down to Tim.

"Cheers Tim, thanks for your help, I don't know what state Angela would be in without you." I said.

"Not a problem, you guys have always been there for me, so it's the least I could do, by the way did you speak to the cops?" Tim said.

"Yes, they new the track and said that there are only a few houses along there so would send someone to have a look, they'll be here at about ten tomorrow for a statement, could you come over then?" I replied.

"I'll be here, um, James about tonight, er, your wife is, um, jesus James, um well, she's stunning and..." Tim babbled, blushing.

"Yes, Tim she is, don't say anything, I know it must have been hard for you and I appreciate what you did, just don't say any more." I interjected.

"Ok, thanks," he drained his drink, stood, " 'til tomorrow then." Shook hands and he left.

I went up to bed Angela was sound asleep, I stripped and quietly joined her.

Waking in the morning, my arm over Angela, I opened my eyes, she was looking at me, gently stroking my hard cock, she smiled, kissed me.

"I love you honey." She said.

"Love you too babe, how are you feeling?" I asked.

"Ankle hurts, a bit woozy, otherwise fine," she said, climbing on top of me, holding my cock and sinking down on me. "About last night with Tim."

"Sweetheart you don't need to say anything, what happened happened." I quickly interrupted, "Now can we get this Tee shirt off." I went to pull it off.

Angela pulled it it back down. "It's Tim's I want to keep it on, she said as she ground her pussy on me. "I want to talk about last night, you know that Tim showered me?"

"Yes, Honey, I told him to, you were in no condition to ask and you seriously needed warmth." I replied. "Ah yes, thats nice babe keep doing that," as she started using her cunt muscles whilst grinding on me. I reached up and played with her tits through the Tee shirt.

"Yes, well half the time I thought it was you, anyway, he had stripped to his undies, but was obviously erect, then his cock slipped out, it looked ridiculous so I told him to take his undies off."

(Angela was getting flushed and short of breath.)

"His cock is huge Honey huge! Sorry but it is, anyway you know how sensitive my nipples are, well he had been rubbing them, I think longer than he meant, he did have a towel, anyway I felt myself becoming aroused, tried to stop him continuing to dry me but he misunderstood and started drying me harder and quicker, when he got to my pussy, I couldn't help it darling, I really couldn't, I came, hard, my legs were wobbly and I fell against him, his cock pushed up between us and he came as well, his cum spurting up my side to my tits."

Angela grabbed my nipples, tweaked them, clamped her cunt around my cock and she came hard with the memory. "Oh darling, I'm sorry I didn't mean to."

"You couldn't help it love." I said as she recovered from her orgasm.

"No love, not that, what I did next," she said, " he held me for a while, his cock throbbing against me, then I pulled away, looked at Tim's cum running down my side, darling I'm sorry, but I just scooped some up and swallowed it, can you forgive me?"

With that I thrust up and emptied my cum into her, thrust after thrust, one of the strongest orgasms ever. "Aargh, jees baby cumming mm, yes, oh yes, fuck that was hot." I exclaimed.

Angela stopped gyrating, her cunt still clenching my cock, looked at me, grinned and said. "That turned you on!?!"

"Fuck, yeh, I thought that you were going to say that you fucked him, in fact I thought that he was trying to tell me last night, but I stopped him." I replied, my cock still hard, deep in my lovely wife's velvety cunt.

Looking me in the eye she asked, as she started fucking me again, "Would you have been ok with it if we had?" She asked.

"Honestly? I don't know darling," I said, pinching her nipples, "but knowing how easily you are aroused, knowing how you feel about Tim, and knowing that he would have to be close to being naked with you naked, and him rubbing you up, I felt it was inevitable. for your wellbeing anything is worth it. Are you saying that you didn't fuck him?"

"No darling. we didn't fuck. I didn't even touch his cock, well not with my hands," I giggled at the memory, feeling his cock erupting on me, "but he does have a huge one!"

"That man must be a saint! I don't think I would have been able to resist fucking you." I said.

"I don't think I was really conscious of what was going on most of the time, or who I was with, somehow I don't think Tim would take advantage, not after what Diana did to him. Please love, lets fuck, talk later," said Angela once again picking up the pace, this time bouncing up and down on me.

I took a firm hold of her tits through the shirt and mauled tweaked, pulled and pinched knowing that would soon get her off. She had one hand on my chest the other diddling her clit, I got to my short strokes thinking of her swallowing his cum, then she came, groaning as she collapsed onto me, I held her tightly, she was my special angel, and I was a very, very lucky man, were my thoughts as I held her.

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