tagGay MaleWhy: Another Night, and Bad Timing

Why: Another Night, and Bad Timing


All characters in this story are above the age of 18.


It had been a long day and an ever longer swim practice. I had just walked back to my apartment. I was actually beginning to think that I could relax tonight and not have to service Ben or Dan. I had not seen either one of them in over a week now, as I rode the elevator up to my floor and walked to my apartment. I was in my own little world as I walked in and read through my mail. I suddenly jumped in fright, dropping my book bag and mail on the floor, when I was greeted by both Ben and Dan sitting on my couch.

"It's about time you got home boy. We got us two hard cocks and our balls are filled to popping. How about you help us out?" Dan called from the couch, as he grabbed his crotch through his leather pants.

I looked at them with a face of shock. My mouth hung open and my eyes were wide. Ben laughed at my actions. Ben said, "Come on over here boy. I want you to strip for us. Put on a show to get us in the mood."

I tried to think of something, but came up blank. They were already in my apartment, where could I go? I then hung my head and walked over to them. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. I then peeled off my shirt and dropped it to the floor. I then began to pull off my shorts. I had not worn underwear, as Ben had ordered. I had just gotten used to going without them.

Ben commented, "No underwear. Good boy. Just like I told you. Now turn around and bend over. Show us that cute ass of yours."

I did as instructed. I turned around with my back to them. I then bent over at the waist and waited.

Dan then added, "Spread your legs wider."

I spread my legs apart, as instructed.

Dan again added, "Now pull those cheeks apart for us. Show us where you want our cocks."

I did not want there cocks anywhere close to me, but I did as instructed. I reached back and pulled each ass cheek away from my asshole, giving them both a perfect view of my hairless boy hole. I hard some movement behind me and expected one of them to start fucking me soon. I tensed up slightly, but nothing happened. I then fearfully looked over my shoulder. Ben and Dan were still sitting comfortably on my couch, slowly gripping their crotches through their pants.

Dan apparently wanted to get on with it, because he then said, "Ok, boy come over here and get on your knees."

I turned around and dropped to my knees in front of them. I kept my head bowed and didn't look up. Dan then laughed out, "Oh, this boy has gotten shy. Ha. Come and unzip my pants boy."

Crawled between his legs and unzipped his pants. His cock was obviously hard as a rock. I started hoping that they had gotten laid or a t lest jerked off since their last time of fucking me. I knew that otherwise, they would both be able to go a really long time. I stayed still and waited for more instructions, knowing that they would soon follow.

Dan then ordered, "Ok, boy. Now I want you to pull out my cock. Not with your hands, though. I want you to only use your mouth, like a good boy. Come on now, you got another dick to suck after mine."

I glanced over at Ben, who was smirking at me and still gripping his own crotch. I then leaned forward and started working Dan's hard cock out of his pants. It was easier said than done. After several failed attempts, I finally used my tongue to act as a kind of hook to grab around the shaft and then pull it out. It took a few minutes of work, but his hard cock was finally free of his pants. I knew what came next, but I wasn't about to take any initiative with either of the two leather clad rapists.

Dan then ordered, "My balls too, boy. I want them out of my pants, otherwise how will you be able to suck them? Come on."

I leaned forward again and tried to use my tongue on his balls in the same way that I had got his dick out of his pants. But this technique was not working. I then placed my mouth directly over the underside of the base of his cock. I then began to suck his ball sack into my mouth. Dan moaned at this action. I was finally able to use this method to suck one of his balls into my mouth, then the other, successfully freeing them from his pants.

I let them fall out of my mouth and waited for more instructions. Dan then looked down at me and said, "Well, what are you waiting for, suck my balls boy."

I sighed, but then brought my face back to his balls and began to suck them. I brought on ball into my mouth and would suck gently. I began to lick my tongue all over the surface as I sucked it. I then switched to the other ball. I took this ball in my mouth and repeated my previous actions. I kept thanking my lucky stars that at least both Dan and Ben never smelled or tasted bad. I could only gag at the thought of having to do this to them if they had bad body odor or didn't bath regularly.

I then moved to taking both of his balls into my mouth at once and sucking on them gently. I continued to use my tongue to lick here and there. Dan apparently was enjoying this, because he was moaning quietly and his cock was rock hard and would twitch from time to time.

Dan then looked down at me and said, "Now why don't you help Ben out? I bet he could use some TLC too."

I then released Dan's balls from my mouth and crawled between Ben's legs. I then unbuttoned Ben's pants, and saw that his giant hard cock was actually tucked down his left pant leg. I guessed that considering the length of Ben's cock, he had no other choice. I again went to work attempting to get Ben's hard cock out of his pants without using my hands. It was much more difficult than getting Dan's cock out of his pants had been. After attempting to use the same technique I used on Dan, and having that fail, I had to stop and think.

I then started by sucking Ben's balls to get them out of his pants. I figured that I could free up some space in his pants, and work from there. I went to work sucking Ben's balls into my mouth one at a time. Succeeding in that, they both popped into my mouth. I then gently let them both slide out of my mouth, so I could again concentrate on freeing his hard cock. I finally was able to nudge his pants down far enough with my face, that I was able to grasp his hard cock with my tongue. But I was still unable to get his cock free from his pant leg. I then wrapped my tongue around the shaft again, but this time I brought my lips to the shaft as well and sucked. Considering how big his cock was, this seemed the only way to accomplish it. I finally got a good grip on Ben's monster cock with my lips and tongue, and was able to work it out of his pants.

Then remembering what I had been ordered to do, I quickly took one of Ben's balls back into my mouth and started sucking on it. I again used my tongue to lick around as I continued to suck. I noticed that, not only was Ben's cock much wider and longer than Dan's, but his balls were also noticeably bigger as well. I didn't ponder this for long. I then let this ball slide from my mouth, as I moved to suck his other ball. I continued to suck on his ball gently and lick, as I had the one before. I then took both of his balls into my mouth at once. This was more difficult. I felt like my cheeks were bulging, when I had them in my mouth to suck.

Ben apparently liked this look, because he laughed and said, "Oh, yeah. That's a pretty sight, this cute bottom boy with his mouth full of my balls. Look at those cheeks."

He said this while gently stroking my bulging cheeks. I continued to suck his balls for several minutes. I then let them fall from my mouth, as I sat back on my heels. I was sure I knew what came next, they would make me suck them both off. I sighed as I waited for them to tell me what to do. I say there in silence, then jumped when I heard a knock at the door. I looked up in fear, thinking that they had invited some of their friends over too.

Ben and Dan both tensed when they heard the knocking, so I wondered what was going on. Dan then broke the silence by whispering to me, "Who the fuck is that? You expecting someone boy?"

I quickly answered, "No, sir. I didn't expect anyone."

Dan glared down at me before saying, "Well whoever it is, get rid of them. Now, boy."

Both Dan and Ben then replaced their hard cocks into their pants and tried to look natural, while I quickly dressed to answer the door. I looked through the peephole and recognized a friend from the swim team. I started in horror as I realized that I had left my dirty clothes and swim trunks back at campus. Tim was just being nice and bringing them to me on his way home. I looked back at Dan and Ben and then slowly opened the door slightly.

I greeted Tim by saying, "Hey man. Thanks. I completely forgot about these. I really appreciate this."

Tim smiled and said, "It's all good dude. No big deal. I live just around the corner. What are you up to? You got company?"

I guess he thought it was suspicious that I was only opening the door enough so I could get my bag inside. Then to my further horror I heard Dan call out from behind me, "Is that the pizza boy? I'm damn starved."

I was aghast at what to say. I then looked back and said to Dan, "No, it's just a buddy from school. I forgot my clothes bag and he dropped it off."

Dan then smirked at me and called out to Tim, "Well, come on in and have a beer. We've never had the PLEASURE of meeting any of our buddies friends."

Tim smiled calling into my apartment, "Sure, I'll take a beer."

I attempted to keep the door shut, as I whispered to Tim, "No, dude. Now's not the best time. How about next week? I can buy the beer and we can al hang out then."

Tim looked at me funny, as I said this. I was pleading with my eyes for him to just walk away and forget this ever happened.

Dan then screwed everything up by coming up behind me, slapping one hand on my ass and his other hand opening the door wide, saying "Oh, don't be so cheap, we got plenty of beer to go around. Come on in Tim, I'm Dan and this is Ben. Come on in Tim."

Dan then gripped my ass cheek tight, as he beckoned Tim inside. Tim smiled and walked into my apartment. I was shocked. What was Dan doing? And Tim, didn't he realize what was going on? Then I stopped and had to tell myself that I we were all now fully dressed. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared to be going on. I wasn't in the process of being used by two leather clad horny rapist gay bikers, AGAIN. Not knowing what else I could do, I stayed quiet and tried to look natural.

Ben stayed on the couch and smiled at Tim, as he walked into the room. Dan led me back into the room by holding my ass cheek tightly in his hand, then leaned down and whispered into my ear, "Act natural, boy. Don't cause a scene and this will all be over soon."

Dan then said louder, "Tim, have a seat. While our host gets us some fresh beers."

I nodded quietly and walked to the frig. I retrieved four beers and walked back into the room. Tim was now sitting on the couch, between Dan and Ben, still oblivious to what was just going on. If he only knew what had been done to me on that very couch, he would run away screaming. I just decided to act as naturally as I could, and get Tim out just as fast. I didn't want Tim to get hurt, he was a friend and teammate.

I handed out the beers, as Dan was asking Tim, "So, how do you two know each other?"

Tim took a swig of his beer and answered, "We're both on the swim team he is a master of the long distant freestyle swims, but I do mostly short distant speed swims. Plus we're both majoring in historical architecture."

Ben then joined in by asking me, "Historical architecture, huh? You never told us that. What made you want to major in that?"

I stammered out, "I've been studying the different variations of architecture in ancient civilizations for a few years now. This is a way to get a degree and study in for a living."

Tim then jumped back in saying, "Yeah, he's done a lot of research on the differences and similarities of the architecture of different civilizations. He's top of the class. Our professor say he's destined to be a top mind in the field."

I shrugged slightly. I've always been uncomfortable with being the center of attention. Ben then asked, "So I guess you being on the swim team is what keeps you in such good shape too, right Tim?"

Tim mumbled and affirmative answer as he took another swig of his beer. He then looked from Dan to Ben, I guessed finally noticing their attire and asked, "How do you all know each other?"

Dan smiled as he looked from me and back to Tim, saying "Oh, we're members of a local chapter of a bike club. We were all at a bar one night, when our little buddy needed a ride. So we gave him a RIDE, and we've gotten together for a RIDE here and another RIDE there ever since."

Dan then smirked at me, asking "That's about how it went, right?"

I nodded and answered uncomfortably, "That's about how it went."

Dan then apparently decided to ratchet up the level of sexual hints and innuendo, saying "What about you Tim, ever gone for a RIDE with a bike guy?"

Tim, still oblivious, but a little nervous said, "No. I don't really feel safe on a motorcycle. Too many things can go wrong."

Dan then smirked in a predatory grin that I have come to know and fear, said "Oh, then you just need to RIDE with someone experienced. Why we've taken our little buddy here on quite a few RIDES. And he always gets where he needs to go. He has never fallen off either."

Tim shook his head, saying "It's just not for me. Thanks though. What about you two, have you been riding bikes for a while?"

Ben jumped in saying, "Oh we've been riding HARD for years now. It's a great feeling. I'm surprised you don't want to at least try it."

Dan then added in as he looked at me, "Yeah, you should tell Tim here how many times we've taken you for a hard RIDE. How many rides has it been now?"

I looked down uncomfortably remembering all the times these to have forced me to suck their cocks and fucked my asshole. I answered honestly, "I'm not sure how many times now. They have all blurred together."

Ben then jumped back in as he looked at me and saying, "Well, that's not HARD to figure out. There was the first time when we gave you a quick RIDE. Then we picked you up out front of here and took you on a LONG ride."

Dan jumped back in adding to Ben, "Yeah that night, we took him on several RIDES, before we were done. But you're right man, that should only count as one LONG RIDE. It was a HARD RIDE too, if I remember correctly. Isn't that right?" he finished as he looked back at me.

I again nodded, as I remembered that long night that they each blew their cum down my throat, then fucked my asshole numerous times each.

Dan then picked back up saying as he looked back at Tim, "Then I dropped by and gave him a quick ride before I dropped him off at your school. I picked him up that night and took him on another LONG HARD RIDE, just the two of us. Then I picked him up again the other day and gave him another QUICK RIDE before I dropped him at school."

Ben then added with a smirk at Tim, saying "That night I picked him up from school. Then took him on a LONG HARD RIDE myself. So that makes six RIDES we've given him. He's a GREAT RIDER too. I bet you would make a GREAT RIDER, yourself Tim. You would just need a RIDE from someone experienced, like us. Don't you think Tim here would make a GREAT RIDER?" Ben finished looking back at me.

I was beginning to really understand what was going on here. I had to get Tim out of here. I knew what was in store for me. I hated that, but I didn't want Tim to get mixed up with these two guys too. I thought quickly saying, "No, I don't think he would make a good rider. He's already said he doesn't like the idea. He's probably right. Riding isn't for EVERYBODY."

I knew it was pointless trying to convince Dan, so I looked imploringly at Ben saying, "I've been a GREAT RIDER, as you've both said. I'm sure I will only improve as times goes by. I'm SURE with even more PRACTICE, I'll be the best RIDER you've ever had."

I hoped beyond hope that Ben would get innuendo and understand what I was offering. Let them do what they wanted to me, just leave Tim out of it. Ben looked at me with a slight smirk, as I took that to mean he got my double meaning. Dan however, was not going to let it go, saying "No. I bet Tim here would be a GREAT RIDER. What do you say Tim? Want for me to take you on a RIDE?"

Ben jumped in adding, "Now Dan, our little buddy's right. Not every boy has it in for a good RIDE."

Tim had a confused look on his face as he looked between us all. I think he finally started to understand that something was a miss. But Dan then draped an arm over Tim's shoulder, saying "Come on Tim. How about it?"

Tim then stood up saying, "No, I don't think I would like that. I've got to get home anyways. It was nice meeting you guys and all, but it's getting late. So, I'll let myself out."

Dan then stood up fast and grabbed Tim's arm, saying "Nope. Too late. You're staying right here. You get to see what kind of RIDE your buddy has taken time and time again."

Tim attempted to shake Dan's hand away, fearing the worst, but still not understanding what was going to happen. I then jumped in begging, "Just let him go Dan. He's not apart of this. Please, just let him go."

Dan looked at me in his "I mean business" glare, saying "He's here now. And I want him all to myself. Ben can have you. I got him."

Ben stood up and placed an hand on my shoulder, as he leaned over to whisper quietly in my ear, "Sorry boy, but Dan's cock is up for this boy. I've seen that look in his eyes before. He won't stop until he fucked him. You can make it easier on him though. Convince him not to fight. Trust me, it would be better if he just went with it and didn't fight. You know that better than most."

I looked aghast at Ben, but understood what he was saying. There was only one thing I could do. I slowly turned to Tim saying, "Don't fight him Tim. Just don't fight. You'll just make it worse."

Tim was looking really scared now. He looked from me to Dan and began to yell, "What could get worse? Get off of me! Let me go! I mean it man, let me out of here NOW!"

With this Dan balled up his fist and punched Tim right in the gut. Tim doubled over and sagged, as Dan kept a tight hold of his arm. Tim was holding his stomach and trying to get his breath back, as Dan said to him, "You're going to suck my big hard cock boy. Then I'm going to pound that little asshole of your's. Let it happen and you can walk out of here when I'm done with you, fight and you'll get more of that I just gave you. It's your choice how this goes.."

Ben was rubbing my back, I guessed in hopes of soothing my angst at having my friend dragged into this situation. I looked back at Tim as he looked fearfully at me, as I said "I'm sorry Tim. You shouldn't have come over tonight. I've been stuck in this situation for weeks now. You shouldn't be here."

Tim was still doubled over and clutching his stomach still not truly understanding my and now his predicament, breathed out "What's been going on for weeks?"

I lowered my head and finally admitted to Tim, "They followed me out of the bar that night, and raped my in an alley. They found out where I lived, and they have been making me suck them off and fucking me for weeks."

Tim looked at me in horror with what I had just said. I don't think fear of his situation had actually kicked in yet. He breathed out, "What they been raping you for weeks? Why didn't you tell anyone? Someone would have helped you. What...Why are you two doing this to him?"

I again tried to explain, saying "Who could I have told? Do you actually think I wanted anyone to know that two big bikers were making a playground out of my ass and mouth whenever they felt like it? I didn't want anyone to know."

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