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lunarhiccupslunarhiccupsalmost 2 years ago

Thank you so much for having me on, and for being such an incredible and supportive platform <3 I'm really happy to be here :)

Ian_SnowIan_Snowalmost 2 years ago

Awesome! Looking forward to listening!

v_silvermoonv_silvermoonalmost 2 years ago

I wasn't planning on listening to this entire episode but it was incredibly easy. I had my eye on that script by Liam as well for maybe obvious reasons, other than the really good writing. So many of your points resonated with me, Ella and this episode really humanized you as a creator. Thank you for sharing so much. From a fellow shy gal. <3

BonevirBoneviralmost 2 years ago

Thanks for interviewing Ella! I really enjoyed listening to her talk about herself, almost as much as I enjoy her audios.

AnonymousAnonymousalmost 2 years ago

I just want to throw out that I love the farmer's market shout-out in Ella's usual intro. Maybe it's not 'sexy', but it makes me grin every time.

AnitoleAnitolealmost 2 years ago

Cool! I hope to listen to more episodes!

CirePCirePalmost 2 years ago

Signed up on the podcast. Only had 2 episodes. But I am sure there will be more. Thanks

WizardWhitebeardWizardWhitebeardover 1 year ago

The first two podcasts were great. They were both interview of audio authors. I'd like to hear interview of some of my favorite written authors. Suggestions: Tx Tall Tales, Harddaysknight, PAPATOAD, The Style Guy, ohio, other2other1, dangerouslydead, OldHideki, cpete, radk, BigK10, FancisMacomber, DeYaKen, qhml1, imhapless, Jidoka, DFWBeast, oshaw, dtiverson, rogue9_815, Vandemonium1 and/or CreativityTakesCourage, Hooked1957, plsplsme, moreandmore, Charles_Bovary, Tnicoll, PastMaster, saddletramp1956, TRYTSTYN, ThatNewGuy, StoneyWebb, Kilty11, Gumbo25, delayedaction, Griscom, JClife, LiteraryRanger, ttt59 and NoTalentHack. So many opportunities!

Bianca_PBianca_Pabout 1 year ago

What's happened to the podcast? It seemed to just stop in October 2022

mortismortis7 months ago

Please continue this series. Interview SelenaKitt.

Another suggestion on the Audio stories end the podcast with that person's favorite story.

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