tagIncest/TabooLittle Tish Ch. 06

Little Tish Ch. 06


Little Tish, Ch 6: Jack and his mother fight their mutual attraction

Tags: son and mother, horny mom, strong desire, sexual tension, up skirt.

Author's Note: I want to thank all my readers for your nice comments and for your votes. The comments really help nurture and guide my story. Your kind votes help nurture and enrich my heart.

I am very happy you are enjoying the adventures of my merry little band of happy, loving outlaws. I am growing to love them all more and more as their story materializes and unfolds right before my eyes. They always seem to surprise and delight me.

I hope you enjoy this little surprising twist.

As always, all participating characters are at least 18.

Have fun.


~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~


When Mom got home, she went up to her room to get into "something more comfortable". Tishie was off with Billie at the doctor's and I was anxious to get started on my quick trip back out to school, but Mom said to wait a little while. Then she said the most dreaded four words anyone will ever hear: "We need to talk."

'Oh fuck! What now?'

I was all packed, ready to go and sitting in the front room when my mother came down. When I looked at her, I did a double take. Maybe it was the fact that I had been spending some deliciously sensual sibling time with another of my family members, but all of a sudden that no longer seemed all that strange to me anymore. It all was, in fact, feeing surprisingly comfortable and natural. It was making me very happy. So it may have been in that light that I looked at my mother through fresh eyes, so to speak.

She was barefoot and wearing a little, comfortably soft, light green housedress in which she looked quite delectable. It looked like she may not have been wearing much of anything at all under her dress as she sat down across from me and pulled her shapely, cheerleader legs up under her very shapely derriere.

Now, our mother is a very beautiful and sexy woman. She was a cheerleader in high school and still maintains her youthful good looks and she works hard to keep her body in great shape. She is still a stunner but she never acts like she's aware of it. She can appear to be pretty much of a ditz when she chooses but she is really smart as hell. This is often a real asset when she is running the family business.

She stands about 5'4" or 5" and her short and sassy blond hair frames her deceptively innocent looking, pretty face to great affect. With bright, blue eyes, high cheekbones and a well-sculpted nose, she remains a true "girl next-door" beauty with all-American good looks. Though she's in her early 30's, Tishie and I agree she doesn't look a day over 23. She's a knockout in anyone's book.

But she had suffered through a disastrous marriage to my "real" father who, because of his stupidity, split with another cheerleader while she was still pregnant with me. He was out of our lives for good.

But before the divorce proceedings had barely begun, she had succumbed to a warm, irresistible attraction to her first love and found herself pregnant yet again, this time with my wonderful little sister, Tish.

She had never really stopped loving him and, I suppose, couldn't really help herself. Tish was born before Mom ever reached 15 years of age and so she is still quite young for a mother of 2 teenagers, one of whom was in college.

So I found myself, sitting across from a strikingly beautiful and sexy woman who just happened to be my mother. She looked at me with love and warmth in her sparkling blue eyes and then she smiled. Her smile is sweet and heartbreakingly beautiful and it never fails to melt my heart. Tishie and I both love her to pieces.

"How are you doing Jackie?" she began. "We don't seem to see much of each other lately and I'm sorry about that. I'm always so busy at our company office and, by the time I get home, I'm usually pretty well exhausted. So how are you baby boy?"

"I'm doing pretty well Mom; thanks for asking," I said with a smile. "School is going great, Tishie and I have our own little business that is going pretty well. And, by the way, it should be able to pay for a great deal of our college education.

"I love being home spending some time with you two. I know the business keeps you much too busy to be home with us much these days but I love just being home with you anyway.

"Tishie is such a joy. I only wish I didn't have to take this emergency trip back up to school to straighten out some glitches in our little endeavor. I hate missing out on my family time."

As she sat there, she slowly brought her bare legs out from under her delectable little rump and gracefully stretched them out on the couch in my general direction.

She wiggled her pretty little toes and sighed contentedly as she relaxed there on the couch, facing me. I found myself staring at her and loving the beautiful shape of her legs and her pretty bare feet. My eyes slowly moved up her body, passed her nicely shaped midsection and on over her softly rounded breasts that, I now noticed, were unencumbered by a bra. Her nipples were clearly erect and visible within her little dress and I was a little surprised to find my cock swelling at the very sight of her.

When my sweeping gaze finally reached her drop-dead gorgeous face, I noticed she was smiling mischievously. I could tell that she was fully aware of the effect she was having on me. She was staring at the growing bulge in my pants and squirming around a little on the couch and rubbing her thighs together.

'Now this is a new wrinkle,' I thought in shocked amazement, feeling a strong throb in my groin as I began to appreciate her sexual magnetism and the sexual electricity starting to flow between us. When I slowly averted my eyes, she just giggled prettily.

"Oh Jackie, what am I going to do with you? Tell me, do you have many girlfriends at the University? I would think a great looking hunk like you would have to beat them off with a stick."

"Oh, I've been seeing a few girls there," I said, now on my guard. "But to be honest, the women I have here at home have set the bar pretty high when it comes to the feminine ideal. You guys are a hard act to follow," I finished with what I hoped was a convincing smile.

"Oh Jackie, we seem to have evolved into a pretty strange family, haven't we?" she asked visibly thinking out loud. And then she went on. "For several years now, ever since your father—your step father—I should say, passed away . . . "

I interrupted her with a mild protest. "Mom, he wasn't just my stepfather. He was the only father I ever really knew and I know we loved each other. He taught me so much about being a man. I never really think of him as a stepfather. I really miss him and I think of him all the time. I find myself always asking, 'What would dad do?' I do know he would want me to take care of you two and that's never far from my mind."

"Oh, Jackie, that's sweet of you to say."

As we talked, she started absently rubbing the soft sole of her foot up and down her leg and that was starting to cause her dress to rise higher and higher on her legs. It was hard to keep my eyes off her spectacular legs and the tender skin of her rapidly emerging, soft inner thighs. When I glanced back at her face, I thought I saw her smiling mischievously as she quickly averted her eyes from my now very hard cock.

'Is she doing this on purpose?' I wondered to myself. I was doing my best to hide my arousal with my hands folded on my lap. Her nipples had continued to stiffen and grow erect. 'What's really going on here?'

But then she continued. "Well, I often wonder if I could have made our lives any better around here than I have—more grounded I guess," she mused. And then she continued with a sort of sad, wistful smile. "I keep thinking back to when we all could just run around the house naked all the time and never give it a moment's thought. I really miss all that."

"Yeah," I agreed. "Tishie and I were just talking about that and remembering how wonderful it was feeling so free and natural all the time."

"Well Lately, I've started wondering if we might not be able to go back to being that way again, I mean now that we are all adults and more mature and all. Wouldn't that be wonderful? That sounds so nice to me." She said wistfully as she stared off into space, lost in her memories.

"God yeah," I answered enthusiastically. "Tishie and I were just reminiscing about that the other night. We hated it when you made us start wearing clothes around the house."

"Well," she replied thoughtfully, "You were going through puberty and I didn't much care for the way you started looking at your sister. She's such a sweet little thing and she just adores you. You could probably get her to do just about anything you wanted her to."

"Mom," I said uncomfortably, "Tishie and I love each other. We have always loved each other and . . . "

"Maybe just a little too much?" she interjected with a naughty little smirk.

"I don't' know about 'too much,'" I replied defensively, "but I would do anything—anything to keep her happy and safe. Hell, I would do anything to keep you both happy and safe. You guys are the two most important people in my life and I love making you happy and satisfied . . . uhh . . . um . . . with life." I quickly added.

"I know exactly what you mean," Mom responded, smiling knowingly. "I know the love we have for each other is different—much stronger—than in any other family I know of. To be honest, it makes me very happy we are like that but, at the same time, it sort of makes me worry as well."

"Why is that, Mom?"

"Well, I have always gotten a good deal of attention from people at the office—people who are interested in me in a romantic way and I must say, I've been tempted. After all, it gets very lonely sleeping all by myself every night and, to be completely honest; I really miss being intimate with someone—with anyone," she added looking at me with a raised eyebrow and a straightforward but embarrassed little smile that made us both flush. The moment only lasted a few seconds but it seemed much longer.

"You might be surprised at some of the offers that have come my way, some of them very, very tempting indeed. But none of them has ever offered me close to the quality of love I have here at home, the love I had with your step . . . with your father and the love that we all have for each other in this family. It's sort of like you said about other girls, you guys are a hard act to follow and I love you both more than you could ever possibly imagine."

Looking into my eyes, she smiled cryptically and continued. "I've always thought that you are a wonderful amalgamation of both your fathers. You remind me of them both.

"I see in you all the best qualities of your real father, — the same killer smile, the same strong hard body, the same athleticism and the same . . . well, um . . . the same sexy magnetism I guess you could say.

And you seem to have picked up your step . . . your other father's wonderful personality, his kindness, and his sense of humor, his work ethic and his sense of honor. You and your little sister are just so unbelievably special!" she said with a small emotional tremor in her voice. "I just wish . . . Oh, never mind."

"Wish what, Mom?"

"Well, I have been thinking that we are all pretty close in age. I could almost be your big sister. It's like we all got to grow up together and sometimes, I really miss the easy informality we used to share when we were younger. I miss being close like we used to be and I wonder sometimes if it's not too late to have all that again."

This was spoken with a clear longing in her voice as she, once again, allowed her pretty blue eyes to look me up and down. But then, I saw her eyes pulled inexorably back to my now throbbing erection.

It was just about then that I noticed her subtly starting to rub her thighs together, to flex her toes and to see a warm flush overspread her pretty face.

'Mom is getting really horny talking with me about all this.' I realized with surprised delight. 'But, what the hell's wrong with me?' I then wondered in baffled dismay.

She shook her head, obviously trying to rein in her out-of-control libido and then she continued. "I know that you and your little sister have a very special and unique relationship. I know you are best friends but sometimes I'm afraid that might go a little too far. Oh hell," she exclaimed, "what the hell does 'too far' mean anyway?"

All I could do was to sit there in stunned silence.

"Okay Jackie," she said with a sigh. "I am a little worried about you and how close you are with your little sister."

"But Mom," I interjected, "Tishie and I have always been close and we always will. She's my best friend in the world. I would never hurt her."

I was really getting nervous now. 'She didn't catch us last night, did she?' I wondered with a worried frown.

"I know you are Jackie," she said. "I know how much you two love each other. Half of me loves it that you do. But the other half is, well, pretty scared of that love; it's a very powerful love, isn't it?"

"Well, yes Mom." I answered. "We would do anything for each other."

"Yes Jackie, I know . . . I know." She said with concern on her face, clearly struggling with a difficult subject. "But I think there may be more going on there than you may know. I can see the total adoration and yearning in her eyes for you when you aren't looking at her. She really loves you Jackie. I mean she really loves you and I can see the same thing in your eyes for her as well. You two are really attracted to each other and, though you may be fighting it, it is a strong attraction and I'm afraid your physical attraction for each other might someday overcome your reluctance and your good judgment."

"But Mom . . . " I replied nervously, almost angrily.

"Oh Jackie," she interrupted with a sigh. "It's not your fault. But you need to know something about your mother and it's something I'm not very proud of. And I'm only telling you now because of what we've been talking about."

She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly before going on. "I hate to have to tell you this. It's so embarrassing to me but it's something I think you need to know."

She just sat there for a moment gathering her thoughts and then she just plunged right in to something that must have been on her mind for a long time.

With a very worried, questioning look on my face, I just nodded for her to continue.

"God I hate this!" She exclaimed in frustration. "Okay, here it comes. I hate having to tell this to you, my wonderful son because; despite the wonderful results -- you and your sweet little sister" she said gesturing to me and up towards my sister's room -- "I am deeply ashamed about the way I behaved when I was younger."

"It's okay Mom," I said smiling with loving reassurance. "I know you've had a rough time of it and whatever it is you think you have to tell me, I will always love and respect you. This may be hard for you to tell me, but I know you think you have to so don't worry about losing my love and respect. You are the best mother in the world."

"Thanks Jackie," she replied wiping a tear from her eye. "I'm not very proud of this but there is a reason why I feel I have to tell you. And I don't have to tell you that this conversation can never go any farther that here, right?"

I nodded her my reassurance,

"Okay then," she began. "When I was just a girl, probably, oh starting in middle school or thereabouts, I had a really bad case of what they used to call 'hot pants'." She hugged herself and blushed furiously, avoided my eyes as she fought back her tears of shame.

"Your father called it my 'itchy britches'. Never mind that he loved all my 'weaknesses'; well, that is he loved them until my pregnancy started keeping him from enjoying me like he had before my pregnancy started to get in the way of our having sex all the time.

"My growing belly prevented us from enjoying each other physically as much as we had before and sex became more difficult for us and, I guess, I became less attractive to him."

It was clear that telling me all this was absolutely mortifying for her. But, bravely she released a shuddering sigh of humiliation and just plunged on ahead.

"All my friends were very interested in boys, of course, we all were. But for me, it went far beyond just being interested. I was obsessed with boys and I couldn't stop thinking about, and needing their physical attention. It's not really my fault; I just couldn't help myself.

"Some women are just born this way I've learned. Our needs are practically insatiable. I know there are a surprisingly high percentage of women who have to live with this. I think we were all just born extremely horny and that can be a curse to those of us who are alone in the world.

"But if you are with someone who is understanding and has a high sex drive, it's pretty easy, and can even be wonderful to live with.

I once had a girlfriend who had the same problem. The way she put it was, 'whenever I'm getting hot and heavy with a boy and we get anywhere near to having sex, I just can't stop myself.' And it's always been pretty much that way for me.

"Before you father died, I was usually pretty happy sexually and only really suffered when he was on extended business trips. Again, it's not our fault but, especially if you're supposed to be a 'good girl', it can be brutal.

"I used to think that I might be a nymphomaniac. My cravings for sex were almost irresistible; I really loved it! But I've since done some research and learned that nymphomaniacs may have an insatiable need for sex, but they get no real enjoyment from it -- not much joy at all. I can tell you that I absolutely love sex. I couldn't get enough and I was only 13 years old! God, this is so embarrassing!"

But she shook her head and determinedly plowed on. "Jackie, my body was almost constantly on fire with naughty thoughts and desires. I was obsessed with thoughts of kissing boys and being naked with them. I used to daydream of them touching me and me touching them back.

"I used to try to drift off to sleep while I was plagued with visions of having sex with some of the boys I knew at school. I used to cry myself to sleep with an empty ache that would never go away. I was just so damn horny all the time and I couldn't concentrate at school or anywhere.

"I thought it might help if I got involved in some physical activity to help work off some of my physical cravings. But I was never much good at sports so I joined the cheerleading squad in an effort to try and burn away some of my extra excited energy.

"I suppose it helped a little but I was still plagued with an almost constant desire and aching hunger for sex. I was obsessed. I was constantly tormented and it was sheer torture for me. I was convinced I had a real problem but there was no one I could turn to for help; I was just too embarrassed."

As she went on, I thought, 'God, this sounds just like what Tishie was describing to me. Is that what Mom is worried about? That Tishie may have the same problem? I wonder if she's right about this. I think she could be, especially knowing what I now know about my little sister's sexuality.'

"Thank God I met Patricia's father. He was a good deal older than me but right from the start we really hit it off together. I just loved him so much and, even though our families didn't approve, we were always together every chance we got. Well, it wasn't too long before we began kissing and getting more and more intimate with each other and, with someone finally giving me some of the physical attention I craved, I got better.

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