tagRomanceOur Stroll to Leather Heaven Ch. 02

Our Stroll to Leather Heaven Ch. 02


Chapter 02: A New Day

As the golden rays of the sunrise begin to peek through the window I finally stir, careful not to wake you. My senses are filled with the exotic fragrance of leather and sweat, its glorious. I am stiff, a bit sore and yes, a bit sticky; as we passed out from exhaustion before we could undress, so had been wearing our new "uniforms" for well over a day. Fortunately, we did make it to the bed. I desperately want to stay here wrapped around her, and wrapped by Her forever. Ever so reluctantly untangle myself., work slowly, carefully to make sure I don't wake my fiancé....... My Mistress. I still can't wrap my brain around either concept.

With the prowess of a cat burglar I make my way out of the room and down the hall to my office. I notice it's 6:30 and call the office. I start to leave a voicemail message for the Department Manager when she picks up.


In a whispered voice, I reply:

"Hey Melissa. This is Mike. I'm just calling to let you know that Amy won't be in this morning. She was helping me get ready for our new project and we got so caught up we worked all through the weekend. We just passed out around 2 this morning, so she needs to get some sleep."

"She slept at your house?" Melissa Lensa had been the Department manager for a year. She was really nice and cool, but still held onto the traditional family values of the '50s. I don't even think she realized how close Amy and I were, that we were dating (is it "had dated?", "are dating?" What is the right way to describe our situation to the public?)

"It's okay she slept in my bed and I slept on the couch" I responded

"Ahh, that's so generous of You" she replied.

"Well she did threaten to beat me" I quip.

"What!?" is the reply

"If I don't get my stuff in on time, she really wants me to do better so the staff doesn't have extra work"

"Well I don't know if that's how we want..." Clearly Ms. Lensa isn't processing the joke.

"Melissa, she was joking." I lie, or at least hope I am lying. "You need to get some coffee."

"Okay. Tell Amy we'll see her tomorrow, and don't forget the research staff meeting."

"Thanks! See you tomorrow." I hang up the phone.

My next stop is the kitchen, where I set up the coffeemaker to start brewing in exactly 2.5 hours, I don't want the sound or smell of brewing to wake HER up. I also take off my boots, and stretch my feet, the effect of spending almost two days crammed into new boots makes my feet cramp up badly. I spend 5 minutes working out the ligaments and tendons until I can walk, and head back to my bedroom.

When I get to the door my breathe is taken away. There she is curled up on my bed, the early morning sunlight kissing her cheeks, and top of her breasts, her hair falling over her face. In the ball of leather, I see my old Amy, my love who low keyed, appreciates the simple life, enjoys strolls hand in hand, can, no sorry... makes a room light up with her smile and laugh, who I want to make love to. There she is my leather tigress, who takes control, demands adventure, appears to relish strolls with a collar and leash, dominates my world, and who I want to pleasure forever.

I stand there a few minutes entranced in the leather goddess' serenity before me, but also debating whether to take her boots off and risk awakening her, or let her be. This isn't the first time or even the 100th time she has taken my breathe, but this is the most intense, and special. I feel a tear roll down my cheek, it's a tear of pure joy as I think of our new live together.

After a few minutes, I move over towards her. I gently and slowly pull the zipper on her left boot from midcalf to the sole and slide the boot off, then I repeat the process with the right boot. Amy stiffens and I know she is feeling the effects of her feet being fried from boot confinement. She starts to wake up and groans.

"Shhhhh, go back to sleep." I tell her softly. At the same time, I start to gently massage each foot, slowly firmly kneading the soles, kissing the tops of her feet. I keep massaging for the next 15 minutes, until her moans become purrs, then her sweet mumblings. I take a seat on the floor next her and watch her sleep. As I do I ponder the life changes of the weekend, I feel the smile overtake me on the outside, the internal warmth engulfs my soul.

"Why are you on the floor? And why do you have that ridiculous smile?" Amy asks as she awakens. Her eyes opening head still on the pillow. "How long have you been sitting there?

The scent of strong coffee has waiffed throughout the house.

"Just a couple hours, just watching you." I respond.

"You pervert, you could have crawled into bed." She responds.

"I didn't want to disturb you." I smile. "and You did this, created this pervert, me."

"I guess I did" There is a beaming smile, then: "Oh Crap!!!!, What time is?" Amy notices the clock which says 9:30.

"HOW COULD YOU let me oversleep! DAMN IT!!!! I am sooo late."

She is sitting up straight in a frantic state "OH my god I smell like, like some slut, and I don't have time to shower. "-I have to admit I am being a bit bratty letting her freak out like this.

"You smell awesome, soo sexy, so erotic, so Dominant." I pipe up. Amy glares at me with a stare of pure disdain.

"Relax, I called in and let Melissa know you were exhausted, and wouldn't be in this morning."

Amy does a double take, "when did you do that? Oh God What did you say?"

I quip "I thought you didn't care what people thought." That earns me a slap, and a glare. "I called the office around 6:30 this morning and told Melissa that we had been working on our new project all weekend and you didn't get any sleep. So, she gave you the day off." Her body relaxes a little bit.

"Wait you lied to her? And you know how she feels about......" Amy looks at me inquisitively.

"Don't worry I told her you slept on my bed and I crashed on the couch. I'm not sure about you, but she thought I was chivalrous" I sit up straight and smile proudly. "And I didn't lie, we did start a new project... our life together, and we didn't get any sleep."

I get a firm smack to the back of my head. Then two gloved hands grab the sides of my face, pulling me in and we kiss deeply. Our breathing deep, tongues rolling all over each other. Finally, breathless you release me. Put your forehead against mine.

"Well, slave what now?" Amy asks. I beam.

"A warm bath?" I ask.

"That sounds awesome!!" she declares. Reaching down Amy grabs my balls and squeezes.

I let out a groan, and head towards the door.

"Where are you going?" You ask.

"To run the bath, Milady. Trust me" I respond.

"Mike, but the bathroom is over there." You point towards the EnSite bathroom.

"I know where the bathtub is in my house. Trust me!" I offer.

A few minutes later I return to the bedroom only to find it empty. Turning around I discover my goddess walking down the hall with two cups of coffee in her hands. I move towards her and wrap my arms around her leather encased waist and give her a kiss. "Thanks. I love You." I gently rub my cheek against her buzzed hair.

"I know. "Amy replies. Gently I turn her around and using gently pressure guide her to, and through the second bedroom to the attached bathroom. As we enter the door, She takes a step back, almost driving my caged cock up to my abdomen.

"OH MY GOSH!!" Amy gasps. Before her is a completely remodeled spa, with sauna, huge tub with jets, a shower that is large enough for two, with about 15 different heads. There is a tv hanging from a wall. Adjoining the bath is a huge window looking out on my yard yet private. "When did you do this? Why?"

"I have been working on it for a few months, that's why I kept the bedroom locked up." I reply.

"Wait, you said you had confidential records in there and that's why I couldn't go in. You lied to your Mistress?" Amy says feigning disapproval.

"Well, first I did this in case you did decide to move in, or just so you/ we could enjoy it." I respond. "And you weren't my Mistress yet." I have the feeling you want to punch me, but fortunately you are still holding the coffee mugs; instead you kiss me.

I take the cups from your hands, putting them next to the window. I then turn to you and drop to my knees. I begin unbuckling the top belt on the corset, then move down. Next, I start to reach for the zipper, only to have my hands slapped. Getting the message, I take the corset's zipper in my teeth and pull it down. This causes it to fall on the floor. Then I unsnap the top button of your jeans and move towards the zipper. You stop me and unzip them yourself.

"You might misbehave, MY pervert." You say smiling, "And I might just let you."

I slowly pull the leather down your legs, correction I peel them off you. I stand up and offer my hand to lead you to the bath.

My mistress shakes her head "NO." Amy reaches towards my neck and unbuckles my shirt collar, and then the buckles on each sleeve. She then unzips the shirt, rubbing my torso as you move behind me. You slowly peel the shirt off my back, and toss it next to your pile. Your hands move down and unbuckle the belt, and unsnap the top button. Then you tease my cock rubbing it through the leather codpiece, before unzipping both zipper to allow the pouch to fall and reveal my metal encased cock fully engorged against its metal prison.

You give the cock a tap. "Nice to see it's awake too." You finish unsnapping the fly and then peel the jeans off. You grab my collar and lead me over to the tub. You unlock and remove the collar. We climb in, and squat into the water. As the warm water engulfs our body we settle back, and sip our coffee. You are sitting between my legs and lean back placing your head on my chest.

"Hey, is it okay for the cage to get wet?" I ask.

"Don't know." you purr chuckling. 'You better hope so or you have a problem."

"wait what?" I ask too relaxed to care. You turn and look at me wink. In the background, CNN appears to be reporting a story about Trump signing and Executive Order banning Immigration from Mars. Apparently, the National Enquirer had a story about Martians sneaking in and attacking Jack Nicholson.

The water is soo soothing and relaxing, allowing the rest of the world to dissolve away. Gently I take your breasts in my hands and then start massaging from head to pussy. As your body relaxes it melts into me.

After some time in a quiet gentle voice, Amy asks "Mike, are you sure about this?"

"Yes Mistress" I whisper.

"No Mike. I am serious. I don't mean exploring this lifestyle. I mean getting married, everything." You ask, there isn't any panic or fear in the voice.

"Yes, I have never been more clear about anything in my life. I love you...." I respond as I massage your abdomen, gently pulling you closer.

"I never doubt that, but what if I'm not...." She starts. I pull your head around and plant a kiss.

"You are my everything, You don't have to ever worry. It's not you, it's not me" I say trying to be reassuring. "We're us now, we're complete. We will figure it out." Amy smiles.

"Do you have doubts?" I ask.

"Not now." You state.

"Do you want the lifestyle? To be the Domme of a slave?" I ask.

"Yes," You look at me smiling devilishly, "If I can find someone worthy." I look at you with mock disdain, you turn around and twist my nipples hard as you laugh. "My sweet deviant slave." You sink back into me.

"I didn't know Matt and Natalie were into this stuff, or that Matt was so dominant" I say.

"Oh babe, how didn't you know?" You exclaim.

"When did you figure it out? I ask, skeptically.

"They actually took me to a club a few months ago." You declare. "And Natalie is the Domme and Matt is her sub"

"Really!!!"I respond abet dumbfounded. "Wait you went to a club, did you, uhm?" I ask shocked.

"It was while you were in LA for the week. I just hung out. I wanted to try, but not to play with anyone. Anyone but you." You declare.

"Thank you. So how long did you and Natalie plan this whole thing, Saturday night. to make me want to be your slave?" I ask.

"No, it's not like that Mike." You insist. "When they took me to the club Natalie and I talked about the idea. Even though she noticed how romantic you are to me, she was sure this wasn't your scene. And Saturday was just supposed to be a joke. Actually, the reason we had to walk so far because Tim got lost. Seriously I never meant to put you through that, let alone have it get so out of control." Your voice gets lower. "Who knew you had it inside you"

"I'm sorry I made you wait." I say a little dejected.

You slap my face and kiss me. "You were worth wait. Slave don't ever feel bad about it again!!" Another slap.

"Yes Mistress," my cock is trying to get hard again. "Thank You"

For the next hour as we luxuriate in the water and gentle action of the bubbles we talk about how we are going to embark on this journey. We establish that among most of our friends and coworkers we will be a "normal" couple, so as not to compromise our professional standing. I say most because Matt and Natalie are our best friends. Also, that neither of us are interested in outside partners, this is part of our intimacy.

Then the issue of where to play, or train comes up.

"Look I know public play is a no go for you, despite this weekend's adventure." Amy declares.

"If we don't go out to play then how are we going to play? I mean even though the neighbors down the street are freaks, don't forget other people live here and may not be as, as;" You look at me ... "corrupting?" I smile and wink.

You reply "True."

"We can't do anything at your place, and you are adamant about keeping your own place." I remind you.

"Why not?" You ask in a little prissy voice.

"Because you live in an apartment with paper thin walls. Remember when Miss. Miller complained about how noisy were cuddling last year? I mean you have no privacy there."

"Fuck!!!" you say

"Yes, Please Mistress" I respond whimsically. Which earns me a smack to the head.

"Stop it. you are becoming a true pervert, a horny little pervert." You command, as my caged cock rubs against you. "I guess there is no choice except for us to move in together."

"Really?!" I sound like a 10-year-old boy who just got his first BB gun.

"Yes Babe." You confirm. "I don't need MY own place. Plus, I need to keep an eye on my slave."

I am so excited, then reality hits me. "But where are we going to live? There isn't any suitable space here since all the rooms are visible from the front door. I don't want a neighborhood kid or delivery person to accidentally see something."

We are getting out of the tub and drying off. We look at each other, the piles of clothes and each other. Deciding that we need to be productive we shake our heads, and gather our leathers and then lay them out on the bed in the spare room to air out. The reek of the heavenly mixture of leather, sweat and sex ... our new life.

Suddenly you blurt out:" Dumb ass, you forgot you have a basement!!!!" I own my duplex and rent out the other side.

"Yes, I know I have a basement, but it's common for both sides. So, the tenants have access." I caution.

"And who are your tenants?" You look at me with an expression that says Think for a second idiot!

"Right now, its empty. "I remind Amy as she runs a brush through what's left of her raven black hair. "but I need to get it rented. Or I mean we need to get it rented. The rent money would really help out with the wedding and honeymoon."

"Well Matt and Natalie are covering the honeymoon." You walk over to me with the collar in hand, and present it to me. I bow and kneel as you secure it around my neck. These roles are becoming so natural.

"Still, you know that given my down time between projects having rent coming in is really helpful." I reiterate.

You slap my face, and then punch my arm. "Dumb ass, we could ask Natalie if she and Matt would be interested. Geez I don't know how come up with your analysis sometimes."

"It's something to think about." I say. "I'm just a little hesitant about mixing business and friendship. It would be tough under regular circumstances, let alone this new thing. I mean I was hoping it would be our own space not sharing it.... But I'll think about it."

"How about we speak with Natalie." You start. "I mean how about if I talk with Natalie"

"Okay." I agree.

"We need to go shopping, pretty soon." You remind me. I nod like a dog.

For the next few hours we just hang around the house. While I get some work started, constructing the initial draft of a survey and putting down some thoughts about sampling; you call Natalie and she comes over.

After about a half hour I hear a knock on the doorjamb "Hey mike can we talk to for a minute?" Amy asks.

"Hang on one second." I respond.

Natalie gives you a look that suggests this isn't how to talk to a slave. You explain, "He's not a slave when he's working" You look at me "unless you don't turn in your timesheets."

I nod. "What's up?" I ask.

"We think we have a solution, can you come with us." Natalie asks.

"Sure." I get up and follow to the basement. Natalie allows us both to go down the stairs, and then slams the door. "Have fun you two" she yells.

Amy calls up "Come on Nat, Mike's working." Natalie opens the door. "Sorry."

"It's okay, she's a slave master when it comes to work." I respond.

"Now, when it comes to other things." Amy pipes up.

As we walk around the basement, the dynamic duo explains the ideas they have come up with the space. This includes creating a home theater for about 10 people that would be accessible from both units. It would be for us all to hang out on movie nights and would have a wet bar popcorn machine and there would be a powder room. The basement would still be able to have some storage space. However, the majority of the basement would be dedicated to a playroom, our private playroom. This would be accessible from our side, or through a hidden panel in the back wall of the home theater portion. According to Natalie the space is actually large enough for two or three couples to play if there was a party.

"Matt and I understand that you want this to be your special space, and totally understand that. In fact, I think it's romantic, kinky but romantic." Natalie explains, "I also know a place where you can get sound proofing materials so that unless you, opened the panel nobody would know you two are in the playroom. You would have complete privacy and control."

"That sounds cool." I say. " I mean we have to figure out a couple things, like rent."

"I suggested $2600 a month." Amy pipes up. "I hope I didn't cross the line."

"That's about $700 less than we're paying now, and the landlord won't fix stuff." Natalie tells me.

I whisper into Amy's ear "That's $200 more than I normally charge."

"That's why I am the business person in this relationship." Amy whispers back.

"Given the money we'd save, Matt and I would pay for the home theater, as a wedding present."

"You guys are paying for the honeymoon remember." I remind her.

"That's not a wedding present. That's Matt's big mouth making a ridiculous bet." Natalie corrects.

"Matt paid for it last night. And you two put on the show of the shows." She winks, I blush as Amy smiles.

"I think it sounds like a deal, but I want to take a few days so everyone can think about it." I state. "I don't want this to end up ruining any friendships." Natalie agrees.

It's about 2:30 in the afternoon when Natalie leaves, and Amy is getting a bit house crazy so I wrap up my work for the day. After removing the collar, we head out to run a few errands. Even though its warm out Amy grabs her leather jacket, and puts it on. Her posture seems to shift, becoming more confident, its torture restraining myself.

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