tagIncest/TabooThe Wedding Party - Megan's Mom

The Wedding Party - Megan's Mom


Author's note: To better understand this story, written by Megan's Mom, please read "The Wedding Party" first. Enjoy.


Megan and I have always been close. Besides being her mom, Megan and I were friends and really liked each other! As she grew, we would go to dance lessons, piano lessons, movies, shopping, sports, and later even talk about boys together. Best of all, even though I have a master's degree, my wonderful husband has been successful in his business, so I get to be a stay at home mom. A job I really love!

Megan was so excited when she came home with Eric's engagement ring. We knew it was going to happen when Eric talked to her father. I was happy for her. Eric has exciting potential, a love for life, and will be a wonderful husband. We talked late into the evening about her wedding plans, bride's maids, and yes, sex. When she was still too excited to go to bed, we found a late-night chick flick on the television and watched it together.

The next afternoon, she asked me to go shopping with her. As we were going from store to store, looking at wedding dresses, lingerie, and other things, we chatted about this and that and she asked about her doctor's appointment that was scheduled next week. She wanted to know more about birth control pills, and wanted to start taking them. She explained that they wanted to wait a while before she got pregnant, at least until Eric graduated. Besides that, there was the "Tradition" that she needed to talk to me about. That sounded very mysterious.

We stopped for a cool drink and she started trying to explain the tradition. She said that Eric's family had a wedding tradition that they had passed down from many generations. It is important to Eric and his family, that the tradition continue. They say it promises to bring boundless joy and harmony to us and all we love. We think this tradition ought to continue with our marriage.

"What is this tradition," I asked.

"Well," she stammered, "um...err...well, after the rehearsal dinner, after everyone except the wedding party has gone, we...well...have another kind of a wedding party. A wedding sex party! Just the five couples."

"What?" I said, astonished that my daughter would even suggest such a thing. She looked directly at me, looking for my reaction, trying to decide how to continue.

"Yes," she said quietly. "After the doors are locked, Eric's family tradition begins. We put down five mattresses in a circle on the floor."

"I'm sorry dear, what are the mattresses for?" My mind was going in circles, locked doors, putting down mattresses--

"I'm getting to that, mom. I will give each of the ladies a lacy pink pillow with a heart shaped pocket on the front. In the pillow's pocket, there will be a Pocket Rocket, you know, one of those little vibrators as a gift, and a pair of white lace panties."

I was starting to see where this was going and I wasn't quite sure I was ready for what was coming next.

"You are kidding me, aren't you?"

"No mom. I'm serious! This is really important."

"Then we each undress our partners and our partner will lead each of us to one of the mattresses, and help us to us lie down.

"I, first, will have sex with Dad, then with Eric's Father, the Groomsman, the Best Man, and then Eric. He wants to save me for his last. I'm so excited! I think my panties are getting wet just from talking about this!"

"You know mom, I'm still a virgin. I have never had sex before. Even when Eric would examine me for his classes, he was always fully clothed, and I only uncovered the parts of me that he was studying, like it would be in a real doctor's office. He examined me inside and out, but it was always very professional."

"Anyway, you will have sex with Eric's Father first, then Eric, Dad, the Groomsman, and the Best Man, in that order. Each of the other ladies will take each of the men in a different order. Eric has this all worked out on some cards he will give to the men, and I will have cards for the ladies."

"Mom, the tradition is not just the sex, it is about the mixing of the semen from all five men together in our bodies, symbolizing close, loving relationships with family and friends. That's why I need the birth control pills. I want to have children, but I want to know who their father is!"

"Once each of us have had sex with all five of the men, I will ask each of the women to put the pillow under their hips and lay there for a few minutes to let all the juices mix together inside and then put the panties on. Eric says the panties will help the women to keep the mixture inside longer, instead of running down our legs when we get up. We can then get dressed, and the tradition will be done."

"Oh, mom, I think it sounds so exciting. I can hardly wait! Can you see, mom, how this will help us all be closer? It will be so much fun!"

Megan spoke in such a matter of fact way about this that I could tell she was alright with it. Was I going to be? What would my husband say? She had such a sweet look of excitement and anticipation in her eyes. She would be a beautiful bride.

Megan continued, "I am so excited to become Eric's wife and a part of his family. This is their traditional way of welcoming me. Anything I can do to help make this work, well you can see, I just have to do it!"

I was quiet, pondering what she wanted to do. In my own turmoil, my natural reaction would be to say no. But if I declined, how would that change our relationship? What would that do to Megan's relationship with her future in-laws? How could I tell her no when it seemed such an important part of her impending wedding?

Her dad and I had talked about things like this before, but we had never followed through. We thought we'd try it someday. We really didn't say no, we just never said now. Maybe this was the time to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Our sex life in the bedroom was not what it used to be.

I looked at Megan. "Megan, if you think this is something that will make you feel more a part of Eric's family; well, I think you should do it, and we will be there with you. Of course, you and Eric will have to talk to your dad about this too."

What did I just say? Was that me accepting this invitation? Oh, my!

"I know, mom, but we want wait until the wedding gets a little closer so he doesn't freak out and have too much time to think about it. We both thought talking to you about it first would be a good idea. Sometimes Eric gets flustered or is at a loss for words. You can step in and help make it alright."

What pressure that put on me. Not only was I accepting this "Tradition" but I had to make it right with my husband as well.

The next week I went with Megan to the doctor. After she had done the examination she asked me to come into her office with Megan. She discussed types of birth control and we decided on the one that sounded best for Megan. She said it was wise for a young people to become a couple before adding children into the mix. We took the prescription with us, thanked the doctor and left.

Megan was giddy as a teenager as we waited in the pharmacy for the prescription to be filled. I could tell there were no second thoughts about this wedding, on her part, or the pre-wedding party either.

Over the next several weeks, Megan continued her wedding preparations. We had several more conversations about sex, the family wedding tradition, and what would make sex with Eric extra special.

The Rehearsal

We met Eric's parents for the first time as we arrived for the rehearsal. They were a distinguished looking couple, and very nice. They were, perhaps, a few years older than we were. We were soon all involved in the workings of the wedding and how it would proceed, it didn't take long for everyone to feel comfortable with their places and the parts they would play.

Then we all enjoyed a dinner, planned by the groom's parents, which was very nice. After the dinner, the caterers quickly cleared away the dishes and everything. When the catering crew and guests, except those of us who had been invited to remain had gone, Eric's father closed and locked the doors. Eric, the Best Man, and the Groomsman pulled out five mattresses and laid them in a circle in the middle of the room. He then dimmed the lights and began to explain how the rest of the evening would go. He explained the little cards he gave to each of the men and thanked us for being willing to carry on this tradition. Then Megan gave her gifts and told the women to keep them handy until they were needed, we would know when, she said.

Eric said that the first thing we would do was to undress our partners and the men would take their partner to a mattress. From that point, we would need no more explanation. The men would just follow the instruction on their cards.

My husband and I reviewed our cards. I could see the logic Eric had laid out, with me and his father together, my husband and our daughter together, and his mother and him together for the first round. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were also paired. After that first round, it seemed a little random, except he saved Magen for himself until the last round.

I felt a little odd as my husband and I undressed each other. I don't know how he was feeling, but it was strange for me being undressed with the others there. When he released my bra, I instinctively wanted to bring my hands up to cover my hardened nipples, but I willed myself to keep them at my sides. My panties were already wet in anticipation as he slid them down my legs. I stepped out of them. He picked them up and quickly noticed the moisture and brought them to is nose for a little sniff. He knew I was excited. He smiled and put my panties with my other clothes.

I could see he was already excited too when I pulled down his pants. I gave it a little kiss on the tip. My husband then took me to my mattress, next to Megan, and helped me lie down. He gave me a kiss and said, "Have fun," then went to our daughter.

I lay there for a few moments alone, naked, my nipples pointing up to the ceiling. I thought about what was about to happen. In all our married life together, I had never been unfaithful to my husband. I looked over to see him playing with Megan's breasts. Yes, now I was excited and ready to sexually experience other men.

Grooms Father

Then Eric's father joined me. I couldn't read him. He seemed excited, or something, I wasn't sure. "Well," he said, "I guess we should get started." I smiled encouraging him and nodded yes.

For a man of his age, that wasn't the best opening line I've ever heard. With his family wedding tradition, I would have expected him to be more comfortable around women. He knelt by me and touched my breasts, a little tentatively, I thought. He bent down and sucked on the nipple.

Then he turned the other way and reached for my slit. His touch was gentle, yet knew exactly where to go. I was already wet in anticipation as his fingers parted my lips and found my magic button. He rubbed it for a few moments.

Then he crawled onto me and maneuvered his member toward my opening. I stretched my neck and head up to look at it. He was hard, but not very big or long, but then I hadn't seen very many other men's penis's. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to feel it in me. He pushed forward and I felt him separate my lips as he slid in.

He looked at me, a man of few words, and simply smiled as he started to push in and out, in and out, again and again. I could feel him getting larger as he went in and out. I started to get more excited as he pushed once again. I put my arms around him, pushing my breasts tightly into his chest. I felt him get more and more excited. Even though he was smaller, his tip found my G-spot. Sometime during this process, I had begun to push up as he pushed toward me and I could feel that helping him. Once again, I pushed up as he pushed in. My orgasm, constricting around his penis, triggered his reaction and we surprisingly came together. It felt different, and yet the same as my husband when he cums in me. Either way it was wonderful!

After he climaxed, he collapsed on top of me and just laid there for a few minutes to get his breath and let his penis shrink. He then slid to my side and played with my breasts for a few more minutes. As the bell signaled time for him to move he just smiled, said "Thank you," and left.

The Groom

Eric was at my side within moments. I looked at his penis. He was long, probably over seven inches, and what I would consider normal girth. A drop of semen was hanging at the opening. He was still hard, even though he had filled his mother only minutes before. He was also clean shaven down there. I wondered if that was his Idea or Megan's. Inwardly, I was slightly jealous, thinking how lucky Megan would be to have this male specimen filling her on a regular basis.

He looked at me up and down and gave me a smile. Probably thinking that this is what Megan would look like when she got to be my age. I'm in pretty good shape and I think he liked what he saw!

He knelt beside me for a moment and rubbed my breasts. No, perhaps a better description was he examined my breasts, with love and passion. He lifted them, feeling their weight. Then felt around them like a self-breast exam. He looked at my erect nipples and bent down to suck on them. His tongue played with the tips and the feeling went right between my legs. I closed my eyes as a gentle orgasm shook my body.

Then he moved between my legs and came at me like a military man doing a push up. His arms were out to the sides and as he let himself down his penis parted my slit and he slid right into me. As he went up again it slid out, but as he came down it went in again. He moved his one hand over to press my hand to the mattress. Then he brought his other arm over and pressed my other hand to the mattress. This position pulled my breasts up high on my chest. He liked that.

He pushed in and out with quick motions and I found myself getting more and more excited. I couldn't do anything with my hands, but I pushed up with my legs tightening around him as much as I could, as he came toward me. It didn't take long for him to be on the verge and I was right there with him. When he hit his climax I about went crazy with my own orgasm. It was like his cum hit the very depth of my uterus and bounced off all the walls. Then he let one hand go and put his arm back out to the side and then he did the same with his other hand so he was once again in push up stance. He bent his knees so that he was straddling me and did a modified push up brushing my lips with a kiss. He then sat up on my legs, his member still in my hole. Bending slightly forward, his hands found my breasts. He gave me a grin and looked over my naked body again. Just then the bell rang and he moved on to his next woman.

The Bride's Father (My Husband)

I had decided ahead of time, if we were going to do this, I was going to get my full share. That meant that my husband was going to give me as much attention as he gave every other woman here. He came to me, and it was good to have him with me. I could tell he needed a little rest, but we only had so much time so I had to get him up and into me quickly. "No time for a rest," I said as I took a hold of his penis and pulled it out to its full length several times. He knew what I was expecting then. He looked at me, I just smiled and opened my legs.

He always begins by sucking on my nipples and massaging my breasts. He enjoys that and it usually causes a reaction in both of us. This time was no different, and I thrilled at his familiar touch. He rolled on top of me and aimed his hard penis at my vagina. He settled into his usual position and pushed completely inside in a single stroke. It wasn't difficult because I was already well used and had two loads in me. His would be the third. I think I like this tradition!

I could feel him growing bigger as he started going back and forth, in and out. He raised his body up with his arms and adjusted a little then began banging against me again and again. As he came at me I pushed up, I could tell it was helping. I can feel when he was ready to come and I was about to climax with him. I shook gently as a small orgasm spasmed in my belly. He continued his stokes. I quivered as I continued to build.

His breathing became rapid, his pounding more forceful, his penis grew and emptied into me just as another big orgasm shook my vagina. It was a full load, I was breathless, and I could tell he was pleased.

He kissed me, and lay there on top of me, his penis resting inside me, both of his hands on my breasts. As he softened, I felt him slip out. I was wet inside and out as some of the mixture leaked between my legs.

He rolled off to the side and held my breast in one hand. "That was good," he said. I agreed. He only had a brief time to lay there till the bell sounded. We kissed, more passionate than we had been for a long time. Our lips parted, and he had to moved on.

The Groomsman

Johnny was the groomsman. He was blond and the tallest of the three young men. He came to the side of the mattress and paused there for several minutes, looking at my body, watching my breasts raise and fall with each breath.

I'm not quite sure why he paused, but whatever the reason he seemed to be ready for action. After three previous women, I was surprised that he was still hard!

He got on top of me and pushed his penis into me. He just lay there for a moment as if to let me adjust to his larger member then he drew back and pushed in again. Oh, this feels good!

He got faster and faster and I started pushing up to meet him. Again, and again he pushed into me. I started to get excited and was almost ready to come when he slowed his thrusts and I came down a bit. I thought that he may be unable to make it a fourth time when he began again.

His thrusts came harder and harder, faster, and faster until I exploded. Again, and again he banged against me until in one fast movement I met him as he pushed in and we both came together in a great climax. He lay there on top of me breathing heavily; I was almost out of breath too. As his breathing slowed I could feel his penis relaxing within me. And just as the bell sounded he rolled off and once again stopped at my side for a moment, but this time I could see satisfaction in his blue eyes. He said, "Thank you," with a self-satisfied grin and went to his last position.

The Best Man

Ted was the Best Man. He had been Eric's friend for a long time. Eric had spoken of him often but I had never met him until tonight. He was a good-looking young man with sandy hair and a good-sized penis. No, he wasn't as long as Johnny's but it was bigger in girth. He came to me and lay down beside me. He fondled my breasts for a few minutes and then mounted me. He didn't say anything, just smiled and pushed into me. I felt very, very full as he pushed in, and wondered if I would be able to respond when he started to thrust. I shouldn't have worried. His girth filled me, he stretched me open wide, though it did not reach my G-Spot right away.

For a young buck, he acted tired. He seemed to have a harder time pounding in and out of me, like he was worn out from the nights activities. He paused momentarily, took a deep breath, and thrust into me again and again. I felt him grow. His pounding on my mound relentless. He hit my G-spot over and over and I contracted around him and held him against my breasts. He continued in and out, desperate to add one more deposit in me. He pounded harder and after several more thrusts, I felt him stiffed even larger and he exploded in me! I was amazed that he could come with such power when he had already done four others, but he did and we were both panting like dogs. He lay there on top of me, limp, trying to catch his breath. I was breathing hard too. When our breathing finally normalized and his penis had become a little softer he came out of me, slid down beside me, and held my breasts until the last bell sounded. He kissed my nipple once again.

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