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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Abbi's Excuses: 2 Part Series
Abbi's Excuses Ch. 01 (3.73)She used rationalizations, justifications and excuses. Loving Wives 03/03/18
Abbi's Excuses Ch. 02 (3.38)She used rationalizations, justifications and excuses. Loving Wives 03/04/18
Angie: 6 Part Series
Angie Ch. 01 (4.30)My darksome wench and I met, with Ulleann Pipes. Erotic Couplings 03/21/18
Angie Ch. 02 (4.22)My darksome maiden and I grow closer. Erotic Couplings 03/22/18
Angie Ch. 03 (4.64)Darksome hottie afloat.  Hot Erotic Couplings 03/23/18
Angie Ch. 04 (4.53)My darksome maiden and I exercise and live afloat.  Hot Erotic Couplings 03/24/18
Angie Ch. 05 (4.44)My darksome wench dances to my piping. Erotic Couplings 03/25/18
Angie Ch. 06 (3.24)My darksome wench and I sign a wed-lease. Loving Wives 03/26/18
Banker's Slut: 3 Part Series
Banker's Slut Ch. 01 (4.04)I lost my sexy wife to a faceless corporation. Loving Wives 09/13/17
Banker's Slut Ch. 02 (3.80)They let me wear my rings while being forced to sex. Loving Wives 09/15/17
Banker's Slut Ch. 03 (3.76)She was ridden hard, used up and put away wet. Loving Wives 09/17/17
Big Cock Addict: 2 Part Series
Big Cock Addict Ch. 01 (3.65)She had a big cock fling but it cost her marriage. Loving Wives 10/14/17
Big Cock Addict Ch. 02 (3.29)Following her fling, she was in long-term recovery. Erotic Couplings 10/15/17
Blackmailed at First: 7 Part Series
Blackmailed at First Ch. 01 (3.83)She gang-banged herself out of her own marriage. Loving Wives 11/08/17
Blackmailed at First Ch. 02 (3.45)Clean-up of a marriage-destroying orgy. Loving Wives 11/11/17
Blackmailed at First Ch. 03 (3.18)She returned to his home as a porn-whore. Loving Wives 11/12/17
Blackmailed at First Ch. 04 (3.55)She described how often she cheated, loving it. Loving Wives 11/18/17
Blackmailed at First Ch. 05 (3.57)More descriptions of her post-cheating life as a porn-star. Loving Wives 11/23/17
Blackmailed at First Ch. 06 (3.37)Sex in San Diego with porn star producer. Loving Wives 11/27/17
Blackmailed at First Ch. 07 (3.67)She films him with a willing partner or three. Loving Wives 12/01/17
Cake and Eat It Too (3.51)She tried, and failed, to have her cake and eat it too. Erotic Couplings 09/20/17
Consequences of an Affair: 7 Part Series
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 01 (3.87)Wife's fling has unintended consequences. Loving Wives 12/04/17
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 02 (4.09)After divorce, he finds love with his Realtor. Loving Wives 12/09/17
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 03 (4.05)I had an amputee and a blind woman for sex. Loving Wives 12/16/17
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 04 (4.11)I gave my amputee wed-lease woman new legs. Loving Wives 12/17/17
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 05 (4.08)I invented a way to dance with a legless woman. Loving Wives 12/18/17
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 06 (3.86)Restrained and swing sex in a marital lease. Loving Wives 12/19/17
Consequences of an Affair Pt. 07 (3.54)Terminal consequences of ex-wife's affairs. Loving Wives 12/20/17
Dark Rescue: 4 Part Series
Dark Rescue Ch. 01 (4.17)It'd been 2 years without any sex. Loving Wives 01/20/18
Dark Rescue Ch. 02 (4.05)She didn't have long to live. Loving Wives 01/21/18
Dark Rescue Ch. 03 (4.11)She was infected by a boyfriend, he by his wife. Loving Wives 01/23/18
Dark Rescue Ch. 04 (4.21)She had her good news; he had his. Loving Wives 01/24/18
Didn't Measure Up (3.52)She thought he didn't measure up. Loving Wives 01/19/18
Family Spirit (3.99)Jenny was my personal un-dead hippie slut. NonHuman 05/06/18
Forced to Sex Again (3.16)Forced to do sex for the 7th time in 4 months, she said. Loving Wives 09/12/17
Her Last True Love (3.09)She went to absence in the grasp of her true love. Loving Wives 04/07/18
Lost to Lust: 2 Part Series
Lost to Lust Pt. 01 (3.55)He lost his wife to four big cocks and AIDS. Loving Wives 11/03/17
Lost to Lust Pt. 02 (3.40)He lost his wife to big cocks and AIDS. Loving Wives 11/09/17
Mobility: 3 Part Series
Mobility Ch. 00 (3.94)PROLOGUE - Corporate prostitute wife is discovered and divorced. Erotic Couplings 06/03/18
Mobility Ch. 01 (4.42)Cross-country touring, I found a legless woman. Erotic Couplings 06/07/18
Mobility Ch. 02 (4.61)Legless blow-job and sexing.  Hot Erotic Couplings 06/08/18
My Korean Hottie: 9 Part Series
My Korean Hottie Ch. 01 (4.39)His Korean hottie's virgin body was his, she said. Interracial Love 09/23/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 02 (4.51)She made him take her virginity.  Hot Interracial Love 09/28/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 03 (4.58)She studied math plus how to be a slut.  Hot Interracial Love 10/01/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 04 (4.56)Dad sexed his girlfriend so he found a traveling ho.  Hot Interracial Love 10/10/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 05 (4.60)He sells parking spaces he doesn't own.  Hot Interracial Love 10/11/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 06 (4.57)Suspended in mid-air, she came long and hard.  Hot Interracial Love 10/18/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 07 (4.62)She wows that math department, with hints from his reading.  Hot Interracial Love 10/19/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 08 (4.58)She fixes his impotence with her math thesis.  Hot Interracial Love 10/20/17
My Korean Hottie Ch. 09 (4.53)Korean mom moves in prim and then out slutty.  Hot Interracial Love 10/21/17
Open Letter about Flings (4.03)Open letter to wives still undecided about having a fling. Loving Wives 10/25/17
Ping Ch. 01 (4.09)His wife became a feminist lesbian and left to find herself. Incest/Taboo 10/29/17
Resident Slut: 5 Part Series
Resident Slut Ch. 01 (3.81)My wife reveled herself to be the company whore. Loving Wives 04/17/18
Resident Slut Ch. 02 (3.54)His last letter to his corporate whore wife. Loving Wives 04/18/18
Resident Slut Ch. 03 (3.12)She returns from being the company whore to his slut. Loving Wives 04/19/18
Resident Slut Ch. 04 (3.48)Say my name as 'Me-a-ho,' she said. Loving Wives 04/20/18
Resident Slut Ch. 05 (3.44)You're now my resident slut. Loving Wives 04/21/18
She Never Came Back (3.82)My wife abruptly became a hyper-sexual stripper and slut. Loving Wives 09/20/17
She Thought She Cucked Him (3.60)She thought she took control and made him into a cuckold. Loving Wives 02/14/18
Starting Over: 3 Part Series
Starting Over Ch. 01 (3.67)His wife gang-cheated so he left her. Loving Wives 12/23/17
Starting Over Ch. 02 (3.96)He finds a new apartment and a new girlfriend. Loving Wives 12/24/17
Starting Over Ch. 03 (4.14)He writes of a mysterious Scottish woman. Loving Wives 12/25/17
The Sidecar Tales 01 - Liz (4.21)She was a true type but not a man-hater. Lesbian Sex 09/21/17
The Sidecar Tales 02 - Jane (4.57)She has speech therapy for aphasia by the fuck-me method.  Hot Erotic Couplings 09/22/17
The Sidecar Tales 03 - Anitra (4.41)She couldn't remember for more than 15 minutes. Erotic Couplings 09/29/17
The Sidecar Tales 04 - Ti Pao (4.38)He dels with his demented mother. Incest/Taboo 09/30/17
The Sidecar Tales 05 - Danni (4.52)She was blind but she stripped and fucked anyway.  Hot Erotic Couplings 10/12/17
The Sidecar Tales 06 - Rana & Sumita (4.49)East Indian motel seduction and subsequent loving. Interracial Love 10/13/17
The Sidecar Tales 07 - Jenny: 2 Part Series
The Sidecar Tales 07 - Jenny 01 (4.63)He sexed a ghostly lover from the 1800's.  Hot NonHuman 10/17/17
The Sidecar Tales 08 - Jenny 02 (4.74)Jennie merges with my lover to become free.  Hot NonHuman 10/22/17
The Sidecar Tales 09 - Jenny 03 (4.76)Jenny emerges from ghost-hood to live here-and-now.  Hot NonHuman 10/23/17
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